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    Sean was in deep thought mode when he noticed the teams were forming. It would be for the best if I stay away from Tomoe; I can't concentrate if I'm around her. He walks over to Naomi. "Hi, if you don't mind I'm sticking with you. I didn't get your name; He gets closer to Naomi. "I can help you with Andre if you need it. I notice that you are very protective of Tomoe. I know who Andre is and I can handle his type but don't worry about Tomoe, she is a big girl and i can tell she can handle herself". Sean would reveal that he was developing genuine feelings for Tomoe to Naomi but he could tell that if a guy would talk to Tomoe that way Naomi would fly off the handle. I have to hide my feelings for Tomoe for now but i know sooner or later i will have to tell somebody....

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    (ooc sorry for the long post but since Koi pretty much couldn't do crap for a while he's kinda energetically insane if you get my drift)
    Quote Originally Posted by Palpatine View Post
    She stood up, went over to the boy who had shot her last time and said quietly, staring at his chest so that she wouldn't have to look into his eyes:
    "You shouldn't count on me. If I try to help, it's more likely that I get both of us killed. Just make sure that you live through this. And... if it is necessary that you shoot at me to do so... don't hesitate."
    She paused for a moment, then looked up, into Koi's face, and went on, even more silent:
    "Anyways... You should be careful about Andre. He... He is dangerous for Tomoe. I'm sure that he'll try to... to... do something. And several of the other men stare at her most of the time, too. You have to protect her."
    Koi at this point was fully up, he was about to say something but then...
    Quote Originally Posted by Sidharthavicious View Post
    "You're probably going to hate me for this, but I made you a team leader. Sorry. I...I'm glad you're alive." At that moment she wanted to hug him or show some sort of affection, but couldn't. "Don't do anything stupid."
    With Naomi she returned the small kiss on the forehead she had recieved earlier from her. It seemed like an appropriately sisterly gesture.
    "You don't have to lead any longer. Just make sure Koi is okay." She paused and looked up at Naomi while smiling. "I didn't thank you for before. I know you're just looking out for me. I've never had a better friend than you, Naomi. Start thinking of what you want to do together afterward. I promised we'd do whatever you want, didn't I?" She wanted to tack on another reminder about protecting Koi but knew that Naomi didn't need it. "You're not allowed to die, so don't even think about it."
    Tomoe walked a few feet away from Naomi and Koi to announce the teams. The people in front of her already had so many decisions taken away from them already so she didn't see the harm in letting them pick their own team.
    "Split up. Your choice. Just as long as there's six on each team and one bike per team. I'm leading one team Koi over there is leading the other. The clock is running so please pick quickly."
    So far the teams were split into herself and Andre on one and Naomi, Koi and Jack on the other. She hoped that taking Dino's original idea of splitting up into teams was a good idea.
    With that Koi turned to Naomi saying "don't worry, far as I can tell the suits are provisional so far unless we can truely master them. Far as I know whenever I put on mine it always only protected not fully enhanced my strength or anything like that with what Tomoe and Dino are able to do. Also I suspect that they won't protect against everything, no matter what. After all I had a sword go through my stomache last mission....also dont beat yourself up about what happened in the room, as you can see it seems she doesn't blame you, though I don't know her as well as you do....Now if you will excuse me for a second."
    Walking to Tomoe a bit Koi says "Don't worry about that, I don't plan to do anything stupid...though knowing our luck that may or may not help at all haha...."
    Then Koi turns to the rest of the people who had transferred before him.
    "Listen up, do NOT underestimate ANYTHING that you face while here. Far as I know even with the suits you can die just by taking that wrong step. One fuck up is all it takes suit or no suit. Now for some of you shady bastards know this. If you even try anything that will hurt somone purposefully, with obvious ill intent I will kill you myself. Even without the suit I can end you, or at lest fuck you up bad enough to where you will have a shit chance of living. If you want proof remember the wild gunman in the room."
    The last bit was a bit of a bluff, something he hoped no one would try to force his hand on.
    Suddenly a thought came to his head. "Does anyone konw if there is an electronics store nearby? If so find us some walkie talkies, enough to have communication between all of our teams. It might be primitive considering what we have but I don't know of any means to communicate with other people who arnt nearby other than yelling shitless....and don't worry about stealing/ breaking or enetering far as I know no one can see us, but it also doesn't mean people can't be effected by us so be careful where you shoot if you really give a damn, just don't be surprised if you shoot and someone not involved dies."
    Then taking the rifle Koi opens it to see how far he can shoot it. taking various points that are farther and farther away he shoots. I gotta have a decent range if I want to be able to do as I planned. Man getting shot can sure as hell make one come up with some weird ideas....

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    Maikeru walks up to the group gathering around Dino and Tomoe.
    "I'm with you guys..."
    As he waits in silence for his team to move out, he watches a few people fire off their weapons and Andre burning out on his bike.
    Why don't we just make a sign to tell the aliens where we are...
    All the noise and unnecessary attraction made him feel uneasy. If this was a dangerous hunt, why wouldn't you be stealthy about it?
    Maikeru shook his head.
    As Koi gave his speech, Maikeru picked up two things. One, they needed means of communication. Two, bystanders might die.
    "Does someone on your team have a cellphone?" he asked Koi, holding up his own.

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    Andre stopped his burnout to listen to what the kid was saying. Koi made more since then anyone else so far. If he wouldn't 'a' been shot up then the room might not of been so chaotic. Since Andre was gonna be the worm some communications to the others would make since.

    Andre says to the others "I can take someone to look for a store. If the map on the device is accurate I grew up near here. The person can get wakie-talkies while I stand outside as a look out.".

    "...And make it quick those dots seem to be moving.".

    He takes sits his riffle on his hip to see if anyone is gonna accept his offer.

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    Takezo was starting to draw a mind map of the alliances between these people in front of him, when one of them fired his gun. 3 rockets came flying out from it which were connected together by a bright coloured light. That gun is the same one with the one i have. Looks like it's for capturing. I wonder whats the other gun for?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hadou View Post
    "Listen up, do NOT underestimate ANYTHING that you face while here. Far as I know even with the suits you can die just by taking that wrong step. One fuck up is all it takes suit or no suit. Now for some of you shady bastards know this. If you even try anything that will hurt somone purposefully, with obvious ill intent I will kill you myself. Even without the suit I can end you, or at lest fuck you up bad enough to where you will have a shit chance of living. If you want proof remember the wild gunman in the room."
    Yet another threat. The crazyman may be dead but the kid almost died too. His threats were empty threats to Takezo. It seemed pretty strange that these veterans kept threatening everyone. Could they be more afraid of the us (refering to the new people)? or maybe they needed us more than they cared to admit?

    He then heard the perv (Andre) volunteer to look for an electronics store. Sure why not, Takezo thought. It certainly was better than listening to threats every single minute. Besides, it would give him a chance to talk to Andre. He stood up and spoke to Andre;

    "I'll go with you bikerman." Takezo hopped on to the back of the bike.

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    "Okay kid looks like it's you and me" (In Japanese).

    Andre puls them up next to Tomoe.

    With a smile on his face " Tomoe-san, what do you think? Any last minute instructions?" (In English)

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    Brandon takes the controller that was attached with the suit that he is wearing.
    There looks like to be five red dots on the map that looks like to be aliens.

    "(We are in the south-west, and the aliens looks like to be scattered all over the place. Nearest looks like to be in north.)"

    He puts the controller in his pocket and joins with others while they talk. Brandon didn't have any choise now than wait for the teams to be made up, and finally going for action.

    "(Yeah, I'll cooperate with them, I can't survive this alone, even if this suit might be stronger than it looks...)"

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    American movies gave Tomoe enough knowledge to pick out the word "instructions" as well as her own name from Andre's question.
    She searched her mind for what little english she knew to answer him.
    "Don't die."

    She continued in Japanese to test if Andre would get her odd sense of humor. "Have you noticed in American movies with monsters the black guy always dies first and one of the women always gets away? Why is that?"
    She laughed to make sure Andre knew it wasn't a serious question.
    "If you see an alien get back as fast as you can."

    After all of the things that had happened and were going to happen Tomoe felt good laughing. She knew that the chances of surviving the night were slim, but she could still find humor in comparing her life to a horror movie.

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    When Tomoe came closer, just by the time Koi wanted to answer, Naomi had a bad feeling at first, but it disappeared as soon as Tomoe kissed her on her forehead. Her words sunk in fast, as if she was a dry sponge, trying to absorb every bit of it. It was just... strange. A few words of her made everything she had done look wrong and herself feel bad, but just as easy as that, the world returned to its old, brighter colors.
    Then Koi answered. Half of it didn't seem to directly refer to what she had told him. But she wouldn't have had any time to answer to it anyways, so she just nodded, before he turned around and eventually held his 'speech'.

    The guy who had given her away before, when she wanted to break Andre's back, spoke to her in English. Again, she nodded, but then she answered, without the slightest Japanese accent in her voice:
    "He doesn't deserve to live. I hope he gets killed, so that I don't have to do it myself. You might think that I've attacked him because I was in the mood, but I wouldn't have done anything, if this bastard hadn't been worth a punishment. I would have taken the shot, if I had been able to make him pay for the disgusting personality of his."

    Then another guy came close. He had told her his name before, and she remembered it to be Sean, though she wasn't all sure about it. She hadn't really paid attention, because it had been more important to attack Andre.
    He offered her his help and pointed her own protectivity for Tomoe out.
    She replied in the same muted tone with which she had spoken to the other one:
    "I didn't miss that you stared at Tomoe, too. Remember one thing: If anybody tries to do anything against her will, no matter who, Koi will kill him. And so will I. So be careful about what you're thinking. And if you want to help me with Andre, then don't try to help him. If any alien attacks him, he shouldn't be saved."

    Then she just observed the happenings around her and waited for everybody to organize.

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    Dino sat against a wall facing the group. Tomoe was obviously too busy for his bullshit, and he didn't know the others well enough to carry a conversation with them. He sat back and breathed deep. He had a bad feeling about tonight. He picked up Naomi's words to another person who had been staring at Tomoe amorously with his sharp ears.
    "She is kind of psycho, isn't she?" he muttered to himself. He crossed his arms and waited for the groups to move out.


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