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    Default Gantz RPG mission 3: Prelude

    the clock strikes midnight on a chilly spring night. Suddenly, in an apartment completely empty save a large black orb, the lights flicker on and the ball begins to hum quietly. There's a clicking sound, and the hum fades. Suddenly, a light shoots out from the ball and stops in the middle of the room, moving back and forth quickly, creating layers of organs and tissues until finally the recognizable head of a human levitates a few feet off of the ground. The human is named Shima Shinoske. The rest of his body is created, revealing that the man is wearing nothing but a hospital gown. As the last his bare feet touch the ground, the light moves on next to him, and the man opens his eyes.

    GM Notes: Alright, characters will be transferred into the room based on the order in which they post, so don't suddenly start talking to somebody who isn't even there yet.
    You may dramatize the event of your death and include it with your character's initial reactions to the room, or, if you're a returning player, what exactly you were doing as you were transferred into the room. Alright guys, let's have fun with this. Remember, no god-modding and if you have a complaint, tell me straight up and I'll address it as fairly as possible.

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    Nanami drop of all sudden to the room. She hold her chest. "Did he just shoot me...". She look around " where... what the...". She look a man in the room "who...". She's confused, don't know what to say.

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    Jack arrived in the room laying down on the floor, Am I dead? I just fell 5 stories! he thought as he slowly sat up, he looked around the room where he was what is this place? I should be on the street why am i in another apartment? There was another girl in the room, so with the little japanese he knew he asked her "Where?"

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    Tomoe tossed and turned in bed with insomnia. On her way to a hot shower she began stripping off her sleeveless undershirt and felt her protective suit crumpled on the floor under her bare foot.

    Before she could fully take off her shirt she felt an odd yet familiar sensation and froze. She tried to clutch at the suit with her toes and hoped that it would transfer with her. If not she knew she could not survive to the end of the night.

    She could barely make out the shapes of three other people through the thin material of her shirt which she was in the middle of taking off. With a deep embarassment she put her shirt back on forgot her humiliation once she felt her suit at her feet.
    Right then she was too grateful to the black ball in the middle of the room for claiming the suit along with her.
    Tomoe made a mental note not to leave her suit ever again. The ease of which people without them died was all the motivation she needed.

    The other people in the room were new and Tomoe was too shy and embarassed to engage in any sort of conversation. She clutched at her suit and pondered the irony of it being a little less revealing than the shorts and shirt she now wore.
    With a slight smile she thought of how glad she was not to have decided to sleep naked.

    Until she could confirm the others from the last mission were alive Tomoe didn't feel comfortable changing clothes.
    She sat and waited for the next transfer.
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    Default Takezo's prelude

    Takezo was on the floor, hands still tied behind his back. His vision was still blur but he could still smell the smoke from the fire.

    "FU_K! FIRE!" he blurted out as his mind flashed back to the moment before he died.

    He looked around, the room he was was quiet. No flames, no smoke. It was his school uniform that smelt of smoke. What was going on? I was about to die in my own home... so how did i get here? Where am i?

    He sat himself up slowly, scanning the room as he got up. There were 4 people in the room; a japanese man clad in a hospital robe (Shima Shinoske), a japanese schoolgirl who looked just as confused as Takezo (Nanami), some white guy who was trying to speak japanese the rest of them (Jack) and a quiet woman dressed in shorts and shirt sitting in the corner (Tomoe).

    Who are these people? Did those bastar_s get these people too? Other than that the only thing else that was in there was a huge black ball,... TV perhaps? There was a window at the side, he could see the Tokyo Tower outside. He needed to get out of there and get to his other friends but first he had to get his hands free.

    "Hey..." He spoke out loud, " will one of you get these ropes off me."

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    The two weeks after the night Naomi had died were the most terrible in her life. Waking up alone the day after the mission, having slept over everything that happened, it made an even bigger impression on her. She didn't leave her apartment that day. Neither did she the following, although she had nothing to eat at home. The theird day after, she went to school but did regret it right after entering the building, with hundreds of students around her. Laughing students. Normal students. Stupid students. Tomoe had been right: She didn't belong to them anymore. She had died and survived. Actually, she didn't know which of these she did more.

    She officially quit tutoring that day, bought something to eat on her way home, locked the door, put the suit on and sat down. She ate a little bit, but too less to prevent herself from losing some weight during these weeks. That way, all the following days passed by: Going to school, sit around quietly and lonely, never talking to any of her friends, reacting motionless; running home fast, sometimes buying some food, sometimes not; locking up the door, putting the suit on, sitting onto a corner of her bed and waiting for fatigue to overwhelm her. The weekends were the same, she just didn't go to school.

    More then once, she would have gladly called Tomoe, talked to her, just a few words to relieve some of the pressure in herself. But she had no number, no address, nothing. Naomi had to go through it alone. On the day of the following mission, she decided not to go to school. Something had come to her, when she had the nightmare she had had all week, about everything that happened two weeks ago. She saw something that she didn't before: She saw the face of the youngest of her rapists. She could see it clearly before her eyes and woke up that moment, his face burning against the shadows of her still dark room. And she knew where she had seen it before.

    She put a blue jeans, a blouse and her summer jacket on, wearing it over the suit, covering it completely except for the hands which she put into her pockets. She walked to the junior high school she had been in until earlier this year, before changing to a senior high. She positioned herself at the entrance just when the bells rang and dozens of feet came closer. She wanted to wait, wanted to see if she was right. But looking through the crowd, she saw another familiar face: The face of the boy who had blown her arm and leg off. Koi's face. She looked right into his eyes and knew that he must have seen her. She forgot about her plan, about everything, turned around and ran away.

    Naomi spent the rest of the day waiting for... for something she didn't even know. She thought of Koi and Tomoe and felt a twitch in her stomach to having met him instead of her. She now desperately wanted to talk to this woman, knowing that this would help her putting some order into the mess inside her. She thought of her rapists and felt an urge to grab the weapons she had taken with her from the room and search for them, to hunt them down. It was that easy: She wanted to kill.
    She felt an odd chill down her spine and when she wanted to touch her neck, she couldn't move anymore. A slight, familiar hum started and the panic, that was about to rise, vanished at once. She even smiled a little. The room appeared before her eyes and she was glad that Tomoe was already there. She had had some fear, and, being honest with herself, she still had. She feared this room and what was going to happen. But she wasn't alone anymore. This was where she belonged now, cause she wasn't normal anymore.

    Naomi walked, no, ran towards her and hugged her, before any of them could only speak a word. She somehow had a feeling that Tomoe wasn't absolutely comfortable with being embraced tightly, so Naomi left her alone after a few seconds.
    "Sorry", she said, looking at her feet, with her face slowly turning red.
    "But... I missed you."
    She looked up into the face and tried to smile a bit.

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    Sean was on the floor, breathing very raspy and congested. What the hell!!! I couldn't believe that he would do that to own best friend; with a friend like that who needs an enemy.. He looks around, he wasn't in the restaurant anymore. Sean notices his throat and tongue was fine. He couldn't understand how and why he ended up in some strange room with even stranger people. His eyes become fixated on the large black ball in the room. Speaking softly to himself "Hmmm....... wonder what that could be?" Sean then tries his best not to heavily stare at the woman sitting in the corner. Wow...... she's pretty. He leans on the nearest wall trying to play back everything leading up to this point while thinking to himself Hmmm.... I wonder what her name could be??

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    Dino stumbled into a random Tokyo alleyway, a bottle of booze in hand, covered in nothing but a tattered shirt, jeans, and his suit. His eyes were bloodshot and his face was gaunt and ragged. He finished off the bottle and threw it against the opposite wall of the alley. He falls to the ground, luckily padded by cardboard boxes, and just lays there. He feels a chill run up his spine and props him self up against the wall to get a better view of the alleyway. "Anybodey...der?" his speech is slurred and unsteady. He once again tries to stand, only to find that he is unable to move.
    "Dat time already..." he smiles.
    Once he is fully transferred into the room, the effects of the alcohol were, unfortunately, gone. He swore, then got up and meandered to a corner of the room, ignoring all of the new faces, and stares intently at the ball.

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    Maikeru absently stared at the setting sun, clutching his shopping and school bags closely.
    I've got that huge research paper due for Fuyutsuki-Sensei in a few days plus homework for History, Content, Math...
    Maikeru groaned. Swamped with work, as usual.
    "You bastard!" yelled a voice from behind him.
    Maikeru turned to see what was up, only to be shoved by someone speeding past him. As he staggered to regain his balance, he heard the sound of gunfire go off behind him.
    He shut his eyes and dove to the ground. When he reopened them, he was lying at the feet of a group of people inside an apartment with an odd black ball in the middle.
    "What the..." he muttered.

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    Andre shouts out. クソ . Did he just run into someone's room or something? Last thing he remembers was lying on top of a girl , hearing a loud pop, feeling that familiar burning sensation and running from her room. He's sure he was shot (has been shot several times before) but the pain is gone now and there is no blood. The girls nail scratches are gone too not to mention the injuries sustained from his cage fight. He thinks “How can this be possible? The only thing remaining from his night of passion is a woody. Damn no clothes either!!! Those girls don't seem to mind but that one guy over there looks gay. Maybe it's one of their rooms? But no one's said anything to him? Maybe he will find something to wear in the room , ask someone for their jacket or just take it (They all look scared anyway). Hopefully no one will recognize him.. So he stands behind the big black ball. Better not say anything for now and wait.


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