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    zenny is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    i hope the samurai would upgrade their weapon, and stay in gantz. Because they would become a very major powerhouse to the tokyo gantz. It might also add some twist to the origin of their kind, will they comaradise with the tokyo team or go the other way round? For example, like stay inside gantz to gain information so as to destroy gantz once and for all ?

    P.S: Wonder why they hate gantz so much.

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    I don't think Samurai would go free. He seems to care about the vampire girl and I don't think he'd just leave her there. I can even see him reviving her if she died.
    So those two are just the same like Kaze/Takeshi. 100 points are only good if they both get them at the same time. If not, they can't choose freedom to not leave the other behind.

    But I don't think we have to spend that much time thinking about 100 points for a Tokyo member. It's not going to happen this mission. Oka will kill Nuri, and not one of team Tokyo.
    Reika, Kaze and Kato would probably revive Kurono with the points. And he isn't gone long enough in the gantzverse (although he's gone since over 1 1/2 years for us) to come back yet.
    Cherry'd probably revive Sakata right away, so he'll get some time to let go before he get's 100 again.
    That leaves only HS really. But I don't think he can get close to Nuri without getting blown up.

    But maybe it's possible, who knows. Nuri could change shape yet again and that could allow team tokyo to get close without getting blown up. Kurono might not be revivable. Or he'll be revived and just live outside of Gantz without being part of the story (forever or just some more time).
    There are many possibilities, but at the moment I can only see Oka scoring the kill.
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    Samurai being free makes him just a regular vampire, although it makes him free to go against gantz. If he decides to keep on being an insider, spy if you wish he has more tactical advantages against gantz.

    If someone from the tokyo team gets one hundred points, I wonder if they will revive kurono, since the reason of "he has been gone for only one night", in my opinion, does not matter considering the author we have.


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