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    Name: John Lank

    Age: 62

    Sex: Male

    Race: Caucasian American

    Height: 5’9”

    Weight: 158 lbs

    Hair Color: Bald

    Eye Color: Brown

    Language(s): English and Japanese

    Career: Retired

    Inventory: A pair of eyeglasses with a slight crack on the right lens and his wedding ring.

    Appearance: He is wearing the white long sleeve shirt his wife gave him for his birthday, a pair of blue jeans with a tear around the bottom of the right pants leg, and his brown flip-flops. His most distinguishing characteristic is the many scars he has from working in a coal mine when he lived in Alabama.

    Strength: John's a strong-minded individual, with a good sense of justice. Even though he is physically weak, he can hold his own in a fight, thanks to his martial arts training.

    Weakness: He is physically weak because of his old age.

    Personality: He is a cheerful, outgoing person. John enjoys meeting people and making new friends. He doesn’t mind criticism. But if insulted without reason, he becomes ill-tempered and defensive.

    Background: John is a former southerner of the United States. He was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, where his father put him to work in the local coal mine at the age of 16. Because he gave priority to his work and family, he dropped out of high school never to return. At the age of 19, both his mother and father passed away from pneumonia. The months following their deaths, he attempted to take his own life several times by silting his left wrist using his father’s hunting knife, which his father had given him a week prior to his death. These attempts, however, proved unsuccessful. Eventually, he overcame his grief and went on living his day-to-day life. After he’d worked eight years at the coal mine, it was shut down because of its crippling structural integrity. Not knowing what to do from then onward, he went to New York City to start his life anew. There, he found not only a career… but also the love of his life. Nowadays, John and his wife are living out their retirements in Japan.

    Cause of Death: On his way back home from a local convenience store, John is mugged and shot four times by an unknown assailant. As he lies on the street in a pool of his own blood yelling for help with every breath he has left, all he can think about is making it back to his wife. But after minutes of struggling to hold on, he knows he’s not going to make it. So, with his final breath, he says, "I love you, dear."
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    Alright guys, I'll post up the new thread as soon as possible. I think this mission will definitely be very interesting ;D.
    *EDIT: due to family issues I'll post it later on tonight, sorry D:
    And Dino's character sheet: better lat then never.
    Name: Dino Kordango

    Age: 31

    Sex: M

    Race: African

    Height: 6'4

    Weight: 186 lbs

    Hair Color: - Black

    Eye Color: - Brown

    Language(s): - English, Japanese

    Career: - Former assassin for New York mob and then Freelance hits in Japan, Dino has settled down, training snipers for the government.

    Inventory: - Nothing but his suit.

    Appearance: In the time between Dino's discovery of his wife's body in their thrashed apartment and his teleportation back into the room, he has let his appearance get rather ragged. He hasn't taken off the suit since the tragic scene, and also has gone without shaving. He had mostly gone without eating and sleeping so his cheeks are gaunt and there are dark rings around his eyes.

    Strength: - Physically very strong and capable with kenpo and swordplay. Adept with rifles.

    Weakness: Now that his wife has gone, he no longer sees any reason to continue living.

    Personality: Usually direct and somewhat ill-tempered, he usually is direct and confrontational, a loner by choice. A natural leader, unwilling to lose and has the will power to fight through any adversity. Although now he is quiet, bitter, and angry due to the loss of his wife.

    Background: A former mob sniper/hit man, he was kidnapped at a young age due to his sharp eyes and naturally tough physique. He lived day to day by killing all men he was ordered to without question, but disgust with himself and his profession built up inside him as the years went by. He eventually met the love of his life and decided to get out of his mob life, and the two escaped to Japan. There he held many jobs, none of them suiting his tastes or skills. He eventually fell back to the one thing he excelled at: Killing. He became a freelance contractual killer, and his hits eventually included top business and political figures, which gained him many enemies. Once he was forced to kill one of the vengeful family members of a hit, he once again through away that distasteful (yet lucrative) business and went straight for the government. His experience and skill with a sniper rifle earned him a position instructing government agents in sniping in urban environments.

    Cause of Death: - A drive-by performed by the hit men of another vengeful family member of a prior hit.

    The option of making a character for this mission is now closed.

    Joey: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. And thanks for giving me the program, I couldn't find a local hobby shop for my 20-sided D:.
    It looks like we have plenty of black people this mission :O. Odd that Japanese would be a minority in the Gantz room...ah well.
    The actual mission will start in about a week.

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    @Minus: Gantz hasn't opened up yet...

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    oh whoops sorry well when its opens thats what sean will do. do i have to re-edit my post??

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    I'm so pissed I can't participate in the current mission but it's all good. Next mission it is on for sure. ...I hope. >_>
    In order to 'acknowledge' the 'irony' I would have to learn two new words today.


    ...And I'm not going to do that.

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    Hey if any of you want toput a face to your character I got 500+ images of various ppls u can use.Here's some examples

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    Damn. Your not playin this time. If you fuck up, you fuck up.

    Was it just me, or was Maikeru the only person in the room that wasn't sprayed by some sort of splatter?

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    It might have also be impart with the die roll combined with penalty of stupid actions.

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    If you want I can have Tomoe carry Koi around. I think it'd be funny as hell since she did the same for Naomi last mission.

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    meh far as I can tell we still have to see what happens during transfer, if he is still injured then fuck it do whatever you deem right.


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