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    Brandon was all alone somewhere in the city. He was lying on the bench at the park, and was just staring at the night-time lights. Brandon's mind was empty, he didn't think about nothing, he didn't know where he is, and why is he there. He doesn't know himself, he only remembers those painful moments in a some sort of a black room where he slit and cut his wrists and all over his body. All those cuts were gone after he arrived to the black ball's room.
    "(I don't know what happened... But this might mean something, something big. I don't even remember dying, I was just lying on the floor bleeding. After that there was nothing... Then there was this light, and I was in the black ball's room... Does this mean anything?)", Brandon thought in his mind.

    He had nothing else to do, than wait, and wait until something would happen.
    "(This night will be a long one...)".

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    " either. Most of the time I don't like being around people, but this time's different. I keep thinking that I should feel worse than I do about being a killer."
    Tomoe sighed and thrust her hands into her coat pockets. "Let's go rent a movie or something. I think we both need a distraction."

    As she silently followed Naomi's lead through the Tokyo streets Tomoe for the first time contemplated if maybe her life was better before she came to the room. It was certainly less complicated.

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    Naomi kept still for the rest of the way. She had finally realised that she made Tomoe somehow uncomfortable by talking to her that way. And though she felt the strong urge to repeat what she had told this woman already, talking about her feelings, about her fears, about what happened to her, so that she would get all of this out of her body and mind, spit out as much of it as she could, she remained silent.
    They made their way to a video store. Naomi had no idea what to do for distraction, but renting a movie sounded good, just to be distracted and to be able to control the urge of talking. Because of lacking other ideas, Naomi picked the first movie that popped into her mind: Seven Samurai.
    After walking about half an hour, they arrived at Naomi's apartment. It was fairly large for a high school student's accomodation, with two rooms plus a small bathroom. One contained a kitchen on one side, a table for three people on the other and a closet for jackets and shoes near the door. The other room was a combined bedroom and living room, with a futon on the floor between the bed and the TV, a wardrobe in the back of the room and a desk with a laptop on it next to a large window, which opened the view into the little, now dark garden of a neighbour. There were some pictures on the door of the wardrobe, most of them showing a smiling or laughing Naomi, either with her parents or friends, many of which being obviously American, but also some looking definitely Japanese.
    Naomi left Tomoe in the room for ten minutes before returning with two cups of tea. They watched the movie, but she became dizzy after the first hour, and another thirty minutes later, the girl had leaned against the shoulder of the woman and had fallen asleep.

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    After the occupants of the room had left, Dino decided that it was high time he got home. On the way home he once again stopped at the music shop and bought the same guitar, this time the proprietor of the shop looking at him as if looking at a ghost. Dino smirked at him before slamming his fist into the man's throat, and then the other into his face, breaking his nose and dislodging a few teeth.
    "Serve's ya right, mudderfucker. Setting me up," he spits at the man. He takes his money back and exits the store, an evil look on his face. Thoughts of what had happened to him and their implications entered his mind for the first time that night. If they had gotten to him...
    He arrives at home at about quarter to 1 in the morning. The door is unlocked. His heart drops. He opens it slowly, and beholds a scene of utter devastation. He rushes from room to room, calling for his wife. In each room there's nothing but destruction, as if a cyclone had gone through the apartment. He finally enters the master bedroom, to the scene of the lifeless figure of his naked, bloody wife propped onto the bed in a provocative position. He stands there looking at the scene, as if wondering if it's real. He then slowly walks out of the apartment, down the stairs, and out of the building. As he enters the biting wind of the Tokyo spring night, his knees buckle and he drops to them. Sirens blare in the distance as he slumps over and succumbs to the exhaustion of the events that night. It's a dark, dreamless sleep.

    GM notes:
    The night ends with Tomoe and Naomi enjoying a movie together, Brandon going to the hospital due to hypothermia, Koi going home and getting berated by his parents, The 2 NPCs and Saigo returning home uneventfully, and Dino also rushed to the hospital.

    Anyways, I declare this thread officially over. I will post the new mission's OOC thread maybe...later tonight or tomorrow. The expository thread will begin in about a week, maybe more maybe less.


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