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    Default Gantz (The Movie)

    Okay here's the deal. Say Gantz is gonna be made into a movie trilogy. Instead of Japan it's set in say New York, USA. Who would you chose for the role of Kei, Katou, female Kei and Nishi?

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    I think Michael Cera should be Kurono, just because.
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    For actors, I would mainly reunite the cast from 'War of the Worlds' (since their acting was sooo good) and cast the world's most talented actress to portray Kei.

    Kei: Justin Chatwin
    Katou: Tom Cruise
    Kei (fem.): Jessica Simpson
    Nishi: Dakota Fanning

    Next since the source material for the Onion, Tanaka, Nuri, Buddhist, etc. aliens may be the least bit obscure in North America I'd need to create new 'Americanized' aliens.

    Of course, the replacing of the Buddhist aliens with statues of L. Ron Hubbard would spark a load of controversy within the Scientologist circles. This coupled with the rage of the fanboys when Onion aliens become Apple Pie aliens and Tanaka aliens are replaced by Madden aliens would cause many an assassination attempt and crew dissapearance.

    After months of meticulous planning would be thrown away after I'd decided that America was a bad setting for the film. Because what is America's 'Osaka'? Sure I could go to like L.A. or Florida or Texas or something, but who really wants to spend like the second phase of shooting anywhere in the South?

    Upon relocating the film to Japan, American studios would withdraw support due to the many protests. With no money, the film would be cancelled.

    A year later, scorned by society as a whole, I die penniless and insane in a gutter.

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    I could see Michael Cera for maybe some other role but Michael Cera seems like a different kind of personality than Kurono like i could see Cera as the psychic boy later on in the series but not Kurono,

    For the old man, i would see maybe that one dude from no country for old men and he was in men in black,he was K, i forgot his name
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    Kurono = I DON'T KNOW!
    Katoh = James Franco
    Nishi = Elijah wood


    George = Samuel Jackson
    Kuwabara = Sam Rockfell
    Nobu = Lucas Black
    Old man = Tommy Lee Jones
    Nerdo = Daniel Radcliffe
    Kaze = The Rock

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    Raise James Coburn back from the dead and let him play the role of Kurono.

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    Is johnny depp too old to be Nishi?

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    katou = tom cruise?

    wth tom cruise is so short and katou supposed to be like very tall... 1.90cm or something..

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    Quote Originally Posted by teioh View Post
    George = Samuel L Jackson

    Oka =Chuck Norris

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    I think Wesley Snipes would be a better George.


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