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Thread: 269 Spoilers

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    Default 269 Spoilers

    Japanese script, courtesy of Robert Federer:

    0269 弱肉強食

    自衛隊員たち「なん・・・だよアレ 映画じゃないんだから どこなんだよ・・・ここ・・・」
    一般人たち「ひょーーッ 出たーッ うォーーッ すッげェーーッ なに?アレなに?ロボット?
                      まじガンダムすッげーーッ ちゅーかトランスなんとかち ゃう?」
    自衛隊員「負けた 負けてしまッたガンダム・・・」
    加藤達「岡・・・岡・・・? 岡 岡八郎」
    加藤達「やられた 岡がやられた? どこ えッ」
    加藤「頭だ 上だ 見ろ!!」
    ガンッ ガンッ ガンッ

    レイカ「逃げッてッ はァッはァッ」
    自衛隊員たち「また来たぉォッ 退避しろォッ 来たぞォッ」


    English translation, based on Shani Andra's spanish translation, as usual:

    269 Survival of the Fittest

    Comment: It goes beyond the common sense of National Security

    After the sudden appareance of the mecha by Ebisu's bridge, the special defense forces behold the giant.

    Soldier: What the hell... is that... This is not a movie... where the hell did that thing come out from? What's going on here? ...

    The appearance of the mecha causes excitement among the civilians

    Civilians: WOW, that thing just popped out from nowhere... Amazing, wha- what's that thing... some sort of robot? Awesome, Gundam! Some kind of transformer?

    Oka, above the mecha, scans the brain of the ushi oni (At ritual, someone said this was done using the new suit helmet, not sure as to why Oka does that, though)

    Seeing an opportunity, the Ushi Oni hits the left arm of the mecha, knocking him down.

    Soldier: It has lost.... The Gundam has lost...

    Ushi Oni continues attacking the fallen mecha.

    Katou observes the battle from the water.

    Kato: Oka...Oka...? Oka Hachiro?

    From inside the mecha, a Gantz bike like vehicle jumps out, also disc shaped.

    While the Ushi Oni attacks, Oka uses the h-gun on its left shoulder, destroying that part of the creature.

    Then, Oka jumps towards the Ushi Oni as his vehicle crashes.

    Kato: Lost? Oka has lost? Where's he?

    Kato: The head! Above! Look!

    Anzu: Ah!

    Oka is jumping at the Ushi Oni's head.

    Gan Gan Gan

    Oka scans a portion of Ushi Oni's brain and successively attacks the head until it's fully destroyed.

    On the river, lies the defeated Ushi Oni.

    Running away from the Nurarihyon, the rest of the Tokyo team ends up at Ebisu's bridge

    Reika: Run! Ah...Ah...

    Soldiers: There it comes again! Evacuate everyone! Right now!

    Tokyo team: !?

    On the opposite side of the bridge, the team notices the mysterious suit.

    Oka shows up.

    Comment: The most powerful human. Oka Hachirou is his name.

    Next chapter: Battle with Nurarihyon!? YJ 17, March 27

    edit: Pretty much confirmed, here some nice images (thanks again, Shani):

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    Cool, if true looks like oka has a whole assortment of new toys

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    Assuming this spoiler is indeed genuine I haven't been this excited for a new release since the Buddha massacre. Oka had better live up to the hype. It seems like Oku found his new 'Kurono'. >_>
    In order to 'acknowledge' the 'irony' I would have to learn two new words today.


    ...And I'm not going to do that.

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    On the other side of your screen. Come on over.


    I don' like it so far. All the scanning of the brain just seems pointless. I'm hoping it will be better with pictures.

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    Does not seem pointless to me. It just shows that Oka is good for a reason, he analyses his enemy's before attacking.

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    Yeah if its true then We'll finally be able to find a weak-point on Nuri, my guess is that oka'll get too injured to continue and tell the tokyo team the weak point and leave it to them to destroy him...

    Edit: Also i hope this is real because it shows that Oka has more then just his Mecha it would be really crappy if that was all he had to bring in to missions, just stepping on everything isn't any fun...

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    On the other side of your screen. Come on over.


    But whats the purpose of scanning it's brain over and over again? Attempted communication? Checking for possible telekinesis or telepathy? Your gonna kill it. Run an autopsy later.

    Plus it says that the H-Gun had little effect. Wouldn't his scan have told him that? Then after all that scanning he decides to attack it's head until there was nothing left. Even without a scanner that should be the first thing you do.

    Just seems pointless to me.

    I'm hoping it wasn't scanning as much as it was targeting or doing something similar to what Kyou did with the lap top. Scanning the brain of an alien that your about to kill and that doesn't seem to have a very high level of intelligence is pointless.

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    Hey Cali!

    Look at MCanime for the images, i can't post them here...i don't have enough posts.

    The spoiler wasn't very specific, so you may need to change some parts of the spoiler...sorry...

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    The Images look insane ,his looks like a Fucking hot Chapter:
    RiTuaL ScaN ForGe :: Voir le sujet - Gantz ~ Hiroya Oku

    Gantz goes Godzilla and Inaba is still alive!!!

    Gantz Fan

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    Lulz at Inaba still being alive...


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