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Thread: Gantz 256

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    neometalx9 is offline Senior Member Regular
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    the h gun cant do anything else but holding nuri and makin pancakes with his body..

    i think nishi will get screwed next chap, maybe not die, would be lame if he died right away..

    also hachirou still has to show his face....

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    Cali is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Taken from Shani Andras spanish translation:

    266 Assault and Ambush

    Kuwabara's vigorous move twists Nurarihyon

    Nurarihyon expels Kuwabara while twisting in disgust. Katou grabs Kuwabara before he gets fucked up on the floor.

    But Kuwabara's limbs start to melt due to the contact with Nurarihyon.

    Katou: You still alive?

    Kuwabara: ah...

    While Nurarihyon is still balanced, Katou asks the osaka girls to come closer.

    A h-gun is seem floating as well as the eletrical discharge effect of the invisible mode.

    Katou: Hey you two. Help him.

    Nakayama: I can't believe it...

    Yamada: Still alive?

    Both women take care of Kuwabara while Katou goes to Anzu.

    Katou: Let me borrow your gun.

    Anzu: What?

    Katou: If I'm to beat this guy, I gotta use all I can.

    Anzu: Ya'r nuts! Do you wanna die? Even my team couldn't do nothing against him.

    Katou: I'm not dying.

    Katou: My brother is waiting for me.

    Katou: You'll see I can take it down.

    Once again Katou charges against Nurarihyon. At the same time, in Tokyo, Ayumu is going home but has a strange feeling and stops.

    Katou: Uffff

    Katou aims at Nuri's head.

    Katou: If I do this, eveything'll be over.

    Katou shoots.

    Katou: Did I make it?

    Nuri's heads explode.

    Katou: I made it!

    Anzu screams in excitement:

    Anzu: I can't believe it!

    But Nuri doesn't seem alarmed by having lost some of its heads.

    Katou: Damn it! It seems it's still the same.

    Nurarihyon reacts to this and hits Katou.

    Katou tries using the y-gun several times.

    Katou: With this... I'll get you!

    The ropes of the y-gun bullet manage to detain Nuri, giving Katou the opportunity to use the sword, cutting the monster a few times.

    In Tokyo, Ayumu is waiting for his brother.

    Ayumu: Brother...

    Katou: Ayumu... I... I'm going back...

    Then Nuri's arm start to swallow Katou.


    Anzu: Huh?

    Suddenly, Katou is no longer trapped by Nuri's arm, which is also the only remaining part of it.

    The eletrical discharges reappear, showing Nishi.

    Nishi: It turns out I'll take the 100 pointer after all.

    Katou frees himself completely of Nuri's hold.

    Katou: Ah!

    Nishi shoots once again, splashing what's left of Nuri.

    Nerdo: At last. It's over.

    Nishi: Hey Gantz! Start the transfer!

    Nuri, which is now no more than a blood pool begins to take a new form...

    Comment: Nishi, a veteran member has no words seeing such life force... Is there any way to stop it?

    Next chapter: February 14th

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    neometalx9 is offline Senior Member Regular
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    woa roflol, i need to see this chap so badly..

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    vicbear is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Is that a cat/dog leg holding onto the pages in those spoiler pics?!

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    Mxyzplk is offline Member Newbie
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    Nuri, which is now no more than a blood pool begins to take a new form...
    Comment: Nishi, a veteran member has no words seeing such life force... Is there any way to stop it?
    I think Katou will distract Nuri enough time to save Nishi's ass as he is not skilled to avoid Nuri's attacks.
    It seems that there is no way that anyone despite Oka kills Nuri. Oka's mech may have some kind of an ultimate weapon that could do the job.
    And it will be a very very very long time until Kato reachs 100.

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    holy shit, how the hell do you kill that thing? Bout time nishi arrives.

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    Looks to me like they are going to have to send it... it didn't say he tried that method... I'm surprised that Katou didn't.

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    ^He might not have had the time. Nuri could've gotten out of the cables pretty quickly either by force or by transforming. But if they can get him stuck in one form, than sending him is probably Katou's best bet.

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    Yeah why would Katou detain Nuri and not try to send him? I really hope he did but it didnt work >_>

    Edit: ^At Twilit, if he was detained long enough for Katou to attack him with the sword then he should have had time to try to send him.

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    Sidharthavicious is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    I'm not sure what good sending would do. I bet it's stronger than the Tengu that broke the wires and it can shape-shift out of any trap. Maybe Katou can send it away in pieces after five or six rounds with the y-gun.


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