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    Default New (Continuation) Gantz RPG OOC


    Welcome to the technically new Gantz RPG. We'll be role-playing as player-created gantzers set in a world not unlike the one in Gantz.
    I'll be the DM, or Gantz in this particular setting, as well as a character I've made and NPCs.

    I'll be using basic tabletop RPG rules and mechanics, a system a bit more complicated than the previous one. Characters' actions will be weighted not on the whim of the DM, but on dice rolls, character sheets, and what type of mood I am in at the time of reading your posts. Hohoho.
    Jokes aside, I'll be as fair as I can so no character, including mine, will get special treatment.
    The character sheets this time around will be a little more complicated. Here's the character sheet:

    Name: <last name>, ''<nickname>'', first name

    Age: -

    Sex: M/F

    Race: -

    Height: in feet

    Weight: in lbs

    Hair Color: -

    Eye Color: -

    Language(s): -

    Career: -

    Inventory: - Items you have upon entering the Room.

    Appearance: What does your character look like when he enters the room?

    Strength: -

    Weakness: -

    Personality: -


    Cause of Death: -
    Feel free to be as creative as possible with your character and their appearance(Which can be changed later if you wish.)
    I might add Tech trees and perks/flaws later, I'll elaborate more on this after the current mission.
    Keep in mind that I will be basing many of the successes and failures of the actions of your character on their backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses, and physical statures. Don't make your weakness something barely noticeable and your strength something incredibly spectacular; try to make your character at least somewhat normal.
    I'll be editing this as we go along and things change, so be sure to look at this regularly
    Although I have a little experience DM'ing with tabletop gaming, that doesn't make me some sort of infallible omniscient god; I'm human, I'm pretty new at this, and I'm bound to make mistakes from time to time. Please be patient with me and don't explode if something goes wrong.

    A couple quick notes:
    This is not a new RPG, but a continuation of one that had died a few months earlier. That means we'll be finishing the mission we were on before the previous RP died. Hopefully we'll be able to rap up the mission quickly and efficiently so we can get some newbies in and a new mission started.
    Since we're continuing the last RP, the current roster is similar to what it was when we began the last mission.
    Current players are:

    - Dino Kordango (Male) [Angryman]
    - Brandon Maxwell (Male) [A.K] - ?????
    - Kirst Azugawi (Male) [Goto] - ?????
    - Koi Inchiro (Male) [Hadou]
    - Tomoe Shimada (Female) [Sidharthavicious]
    - Naomi Kimamoto (Female) [Palpatine]

    There's one or two players missing that at the time couldn't participate due to outside forces, I believe that was Popo's character, Saigo. Popo, if you want to regain control of your character you're welcome to. I also erased 2 of the players who didn't participate at all in the mission.

    I'll be updating let's say...every 3 days, so as to give everybody a chance to post a reply.
    I'll be uploading some mechanics in a later post. Hopefully this'll be a fun and rewarding experience for all of us who wish to be included in this. I'll be as creative and flexible as possible with the story, missions, and aliens.
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    Name: Tomoe Shimada

    Age: 27

    Sex: Female

    Race: Japanese

    Height: 5 foot 3

    Weight: 119 pounds

    Hair Color: Black. Chin-length

    Eye Color: Brown

    Language(s): Japanese

    Career: Retail stocker

    Inventory: Suit, X-Gun, Y-Gun, two swords.

    Appearance: Gray overcoat over the gantz suit. Black, chin-length hair. Short and a little frail looking. Perpetually scared eyes.

    Strengths: Quick and violent reaction when physically threatened. Experience with the Gantz sword during her first mission.

    Weakness: Timid and hesitant to act at times when not overtly threatened. Other times acting without thinking. Weaker and slower than average without the Gantz suit.
    Personality: Right now, confused. Trying to reconcile her compassion with a genuine enjoyment of being in battle both of which were awakened during her first Gantz mission. She has spent most of her life avoiding contact with others due to extreme social phobia. The life and death world of Gantz has since caused her to open up somewhat. In the room her odd sense of humor comes out more than in the outside world. She found herself caring deeply for the others she risks her life with. Her enjoyment of the game and detachment from killing have disturbed her to a small degree.
    She has taken the view that Gantz is a life-changing experience and despite her doubts about her humanity would not wish to have her memories of it wiped.

    Background: Uneventful before Gantz. She rarely socialized. Merely worked and went home to watch movies or anime. Never dated due to being intimidated by social situations. She is currently in her second Gantz mission. She had discovered the workings of the Gantz sword, but not the higher functions of the suit or guns. Just before her second mission she had found the teenager behind the prank responsible for her death and caused his fall in front of a subway. Her father practiced kenjutsu, giving her a slight familiarity with swords but is by no means proficient.

    Cause of Death: In the panicked evacuation of her apartment building after a hoax call about a bomb Tomoe was trampled to death by her neighbors.
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    Name: Kimamoto, ''Little Sister'', Naomi

    Age: 16 years

    Sex: Female

    Race: Japanese

    Height: 5'5"

    Weight: 114 pounds

    Hair Color: Dark brown, Shoulder blade length

    Eye Color: Light green

    Language(s): Japanese, English

    Career: High School Student

    Inventory: X-Gun, Y-Gun, Sword, Suit, Radar

    Appearance: Soft boots (Don't really know how to describe them in English...), dark blue jeans, a white t-shirt, over that a denim jacket.

    Strength: She was trained in karate for several years, so she has good agility and stamina, but she is not that strong. She's smart and most of the time she is also nice.

    Weakness: After what happens to her (Look section 'Cause of Death'), she feels uncomfortable, whenever there is more than one man around her and she panics, if anybody tries to touch her, no matter where. Also, she has a hot temper and shows no mercy if some people go too far (Harass somebody, touch somebody at intimate places [Even if those would be lovers], etc.)

    Personality: She accepts Gantz, the mission and everything around her as reality, without thinking about it. As Tomoe was the one who helped her when she arrived in the room after her death, spoke to her and explained the basics to her, and due to her emotional confusion in the first place, Naomi thinks of her like of a sister, cares deeply for her, sticks to her and longs for her protection. At this point, she simply tries to survive, unsure if she really wants to, or will. On the other hand, hatred is building up in her. Hatred against all men, against herself, humanity, destiny... to put it short: against everything and everybody.

    Background: Naomi was born in Japan and lived there for the first five years of her life. With her father working for an international corporation, and being good at his work too, it wasn't that much of a surprise that they moved, leaving friends in Tokyo behind, to live in America. Naomi grew up as an American teenager, enjoying to have much freedom. But her parents, after all, were very protective and forced her to learn to protect herself, so she decided to learn karate. When she became fifteen, her father was transfered again, back to Tokyo. Naomi was shocked to have to leave everything behind again, but there was no choice for her. But after another year, just about to enter high school, her father was transfered for the theard time, now to Kyoto. That's when Naomi decided to stay, living on her own in a small apartment near her school. Though her parents give her enough money to do, whatever she wants to, she's tutoring some other students in English, three evenings a week.

    Cause of Death: (I know, it's a disgusting way to die...) Was raped by three man on her way home from tutoring, using a short cut. After 'that', they cut her throat, leaving her exposed, so that she was almost naked when she was transfered to Gantz.

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    (I may have some of the information wrong on this but meh well just go with this)
    Name: Inchiro, coy, Koi

    Age: -15

    Sex: Male

    Race: -Japanese

    Height: 5ft 1 inch

    Weight: 129 pounds

    Hair Color: -Brown

    Eye Color: -Black

    Language(s): -Japanese, and a few words in English

    Career: -High School Student

    Inventory: (if memory serves) 2 X-guns(now unholstered) and a X-Rifle

    Appearance: Regular Denim pants and the Gantz suit(he was posing in the mirror and trying different ways of wearing clothes over the gantz suit when he was transferred)

    Strength: Physically he isn't the strongest but due to being fairly smarter than the average teenager he has a fairly good imagination, combined with forced learning of ballet knows how to move through the air with appropriate flexability. Also isn't above taking help.

    Weakness: Will normally go out of his way to help a woman, usually dropping usually important things in order to help(like getting to school on time), and often decides to take heavy burdens/challenges on by himself, usually "knowing" he can handle it.

    Personality: Typically he usually puts others above him, is generally a good guy but still kinda stays isolated even with others out of sheer habit. After the first mission he pretty much feels he grasped the basic notion of what Gantz is about and for the most part can't complain.

    Background: His father was a very strict and chivalrous man, hence why Koi is particularly kind to women more than men, but this influence in general made him humble enough to put others over himself, and rarely actually shows any form of least in front of others. Also due to his parents in an attempt to prevent him from just studying and reading made him take ballet classes. This combined with his often considered unusual habit of not actively taking part in groups has lead to mixed reactions in the world outside Gantz.

    Cause of Death: While prooving to his friend that he could hotwire a car, panicked when it started rolling down the street and instead of pressing the break hit the gas, and accidentally hit someone in the process. Due to hsi absentminded approach of putting other above him he got out of the car while it was still moving, fell into the street where an oncoming car ran over and crushed his head.

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    Default Mechanics.

    If this seems too complicated, don't be put off. I will be handling all of this myself so you don't have to worry about any of this. I am just displaying the methods I will be using to control the game fairly and efficiently.

    Suit mechanics: Each suit will begin with 100% health. As you get damaged and utilize the suit's power boosts, the percentage will be drained.
    At the beginning, the user is inexperienced with the suit and as such will not be able to negate any damage done by an alien attack or the percentage taken to utilize the suit's power. As the user gains experience, however, they'll be able to utilize the suit more and more effectively, combining the suit's power to increase defense and negating damage, as well as decreasing the percentage of the suit's endurance used to create a power boost. I will be using the dice to determine the effectiveness of blocks and damage done to the suit, and then factor in the individual user's experience with the suit.

    Battle Mechanics: I will be using the 20 sided dice to decide the overall effectiveness of the action, and then the 10 or 6 sided dice to determine how much damage the (if successfully rolled between a 11-20) attack will do. If a number 10 and below is rolled, the action will fail with the consequences of the failure becoming more and more grave the lower the number.

    Character mechanics: Character sheets will also play a large role in combat; if you're small and nimble, you won't do as much physical damage, but you will be able to avoid attacks much better; if you're large and muscular, you'll be able do more physical damage but are more likely to be counterattacked or hit more frequently.
    These are very basic examples, just the very bare minimum or individual characters' sheets and personas influencing combat. I will factor in their previous skills and backgrounds and weapons into the successfulness of the actions.

    Hand-to-hand mechanics: Direct fighting uses character sheets more than any other of the mechanics. Initially, your size, weight, muscular stature, and previous experience with hand-to-hand combat will determine the effectiveness of your actions. As time goes on, you will be able to learn or perfect martial arts or brawling styles of fighting. This is also closely ties in with the suit growth and mechanics: if you focus on hand-to-hand growth, your suit growth will be accelerated.

    Weapon mechanics: These mechanics determine how well you lock on or how much damage the weapon will deal to an enemy.
    Guns: A roll of 9-20, the gun will land a hit on the enemy with varying levels of effectiveness. 8 and below, the shot will miss, and depending on how low the role is it might hit a bystander, another alien, or even another gantzer. When you attempt to lock on, I'll determine weather or not the lock succeeds. If it does succeed, then I bypass the 20s dice roll and go straight to the damage roll, which will be from 3-6, since locking on is much more effective than just shooting randomly. As the gantzer completes missions and kills aliens, they will gain more experience with the weapons and their accuracy and damage done with the weapons improve.
    Sword: The sword will work just as Hand-to-hand fighting does. If the user has previous experience with swords or bladed weapons, that will be factored in with the effectiveness of the actions with the sword. As time goes on and the character uses the sword, they'll gain experience with it and will be able to wield it with precision and be much more dangerous with it.

    In other words, the more you use a weapon or your suit or fighting hand to hand, the better you'll get with it. You may specialize in one area, or you may create a well-rounded character, using both hand-to-hand and ranged fighting.

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    Just wanted to say that I'll not be around at least until Monday Morning. Going on a short vacation with my girlfriend tomorrow. So, I hope you won't be to far off by the time I return.

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    Alright, this should be off the ground by at latest later this week. Just sorting out details of the map and such.

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    when this mission is over i would like to parcipate in the next mission

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    Can I participate on this Gantz RP?

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    I'd like to join too.

    Is it okay to post a profile now or should I wait until the current mission is over?


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