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Thread: The Aliens

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    Default The Aliens

    So, obviously the aliens in Gantz are VERY important.

    But where do they come from? Why? What exactly ARE they? Why do they disguise themselves? (ex: the dinosaurs at the museum & the statue creatures at the Buddhist temple)

    Additionally, mysteries remain about the other various factions in Gantz. What exactly IS Gantz? Who built it? Why? How does such advanced technology exist on a seemingly present day earth?

    Who are the vampires and psychics, and what do they want? How did they come into existence?

    Here are some ideas I can think of, and they're probably all wrong...

    Where do the aliens come from?

    1. They are from another planet
    2. They are from earth's present, and have either been recently created, or in hiding for all of known human history
    3. They are from earth's future or past, and for some bizarre reason have decided to wreak havoc on earth's early 21st century

    1. Natural Resources
    2. World Domination
    3. Fun
    4. Food (that would be US)
    5. To fight in Gantz's "game" (on a bit of a tangent, could the "game," with all its stuff about points be broadcast for entertainment to aliens? or to people who live in reality, with the Gantz manga's world just being one big virtual reality matrix?!?!?? )

    What are they?
    1. Aliens
    2. Some sort of genetically engineered creations
    3. Bioweapons, sent by aliens to soften earth up for their invasion!!!!!1111!!!1!
    4. To be honest, who knows? They are unmistakably inhuman, with brains and hearts in wierd places like their stomaches, and often unfazed by the loss of heads, appendages, the majority of their bodily mass, and other important things that most creatures need to live.

    Why do they disguise themselves?
    1. Maybe they just want to live peacefully and happily in coexistance with humans.... :\
    2. So they can sneak up on unsuspecting people to EAT THEM! D: (although, being disguised as museum pieces and statues seems kinda pointless when you are apparently invisible to everyone except the Gantzers)
    3. Some of the aliens seem to have no interest in killing people (at first), like the onion alien (who only attacks after his son was brutally slaughtered by the Gantzers), and the bird aliens ( who attack after people step on their little offspringy thingies). Their initial apparent lack of interest in killing suggests that they might be refugees from another planet who just want to live in peace, out of human sight.
    4. Gantz disguises them, whether to simply make things harder for the Gantzers, or to keep the public in the dark is unknown, but since Gantz later seems to stop caring about public knowledge of its activities, it is unlikely that the latter reason is correct.

    Of course, I could be totally overthinking the whole aliens deal. It is entirely possible that they are simply a cool plot device to delve into the intricacies of human nature, kinda like what they always do in the Twilight Zone, the so called "twilight zone" dimensiony thing is pretty much a convenient plot device to investigate the flaws and virtues of humanity.

    Please discuss and post your own crazy, wild theories!

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    You put a lot of effort into bringing all theories and speculations together. I appreaciate that in total, it's better than discussing Nishi, Alienraping and all that nerd stuff again and again...

    My main idea is of Gantz as some Earth protecting system, which is very old, and the Aliens are not always of the same species. They're some coalition of the willing from outer system, who are trying to find WMD on earth...

    If the mods keep this thread alive, I prolly write more serious stuff later...

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    The idea of an alien reaity tv show crossed my mind before. Just imagine how amusing Gantz would be as a reality series. I can see aliens yelling at the screen for the humans not to step out of the perimeter like people do at horror movies. Then they can call the dead people dumbasses for doing so.

    Maybe Gantz chooses people like a tv executive would. He'd need a heroic lead (Kurono, now Katou), the eye-candy (Kishimoto, Reika), the strong silent one (Kaze) and so on and so on right down to the cute kid to tug at people's heart strings and the animal for comic relief.
    There's even the anti-hero rival in Nishi, Izumi and Host Samurai.

    Izumi made it sound like to me that the teams from other countries might have to compete somehow so that feeds into the idea of a show, but it could just as easily be a large-scale alien invasion.

    I'm not fond of the idea of Gantz being a defense system. Too altruistic.

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    Aliens are all figments of someone's imagination is my take. I'm expecting an Evangelion ending before they all disappear into nothingness.

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    correct me if I'm wrong but have the aliens ever made a preemptive on humans/gantz? It seems likely that the aliens were brought to earth or have been on earth for quite some time, and have been living peacefully with humans till Gantz members forced them to shed their disguises and fight for their lives. If Gantz were to leave the aliens alone would they overrun the earth, or live peacefully alongside humans?

    It also seems like Gantz has only recently started attacking aliens(last 3-4 years or so), because the first aliens did not know who or why gantz was attacking them, while the latter aliens know of them.

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    It should be clear that not all aliens act the same. There's the peaceful ones, like the Onion aliens, the Tanaka alien birds, the Buddha aliens, the Chibi aliens, even the Kappa alien and the dinosaurs; they all coexisted with humans until the Gantz hunters started killing their fellows, which kind of pissed them off.

    Then there's the aggressive ones: The Ring aliens (there's no actual proof Gantz didn't piss them off first but I'm assuming they were already pissed off), the Oni aliens who coexisted with humans until they got fed up (we don't know what happened but they were allied with the vampires) and Nurarihyon & co. who started killing and eating people and stuff.

    Well, my point was that not all aliens seem to share a similar purpose. Gantz might not know that so he just sends the hunters to kill them all.

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    My theory is that they originally were aliens from seperate planets trying to hide away or something (maybe political reasons), and brought on personalities and powers from information they got from satelite signals or such. The heart and the head play an important part, and I believe that the aliens are small enough to control from the heart and in many cases the head could be the energy source. (This sounds a hell of a lot like men in black). But if that is the case, their technology has been increasing since the onion alien, such as communication. Onion alien could only grunt, tanaka could imitate like a parrot, buddha could eat people's brains and learn how to speak, Shorty could talk through the mind, the dinosaurs could talk but their translators seemed broken, and the oni aliens could speak fluently. The new aliens however cannot talk, so that totally destroys my theory.

    Another theory is that gantz could be setting the gantzers up against these aliens in some sort of twisted gameshow for aliens on different planets. the aliens could be some form of fleshlike robots, and aliens could bet on who would survive or win the most points. I like this theory better, but it reminds me of space jam.

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    Ah, great that there's a thread to discuss these kind of things.

    On Nishi's website, it said something about the end of the world and that the world is slowly being invaded by aliens. My guess is that there are a lot of aliens hiding on Earth for some reason but are more like, preparing it for invasion. During the Oni Mission and now the Nurahryon Mission, we've never seen so many of them and the whole world is beginning to be aware of what's going. My guess is that the next step will be aliens attacking outside of missions.

    The most logical explanation is that Gantz is some sort of 'Men In Black'-organisation that has obtained access to some alien technology and is using it to fight the aliens. But then, why does Gantz act so weird and why aren't there 'professional' Gantz teams who know what the hell's going on? The idea of it all being like a TV-show for the aliens is interesting, but I dunno... The Oni Aliens seemed pretty serious about this, so it's hard to imagine it's just a game. Besides, Gantz is also really determined to have as many aliens killed as possible... So yeah, I dunno, but whatever organisation it is, it's headquarters are probably in Germany (as that reporter explained at the end of Phase 1).

    As for the vampires, my guess is that the aliens seduced them with technology.

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    Well in my opinion Gantz vs aliens are like rule of engagement, i mean both side probably have crazy technology so they have to settle down to a rule in their private war. earth is simply the battlefield. Some rule include killing in stealth so no one will know about the existence of both factions. like arc 1 - 4. and at the oni arc where time limit and stealth is no longer implement. i think is that with the other mission those aliens are peaceful aliens. aliens that don't know about the existence of hunters. while in oni and nuri mission, and vamps. these guys actualy knows about hunters/gantz. on these mission they remove all rule. that is what i am thinking anyway. as for the goal of both sides??? i dont know,, but i have the feeling that both sides (gantz & aliens) are in a contest. Maybe on the aliens side they have points for kills too. kill enough hunters to get point then get a reward? would explain why nuri kills all the 1 pointers so that he can hord all the point for himself???? Which is probably why they still attack vamp aliens even when the vamps explain their situation to the other side. kinda like when gantz order to kill kurono girl friend. Points is points i guess.

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    The new aliens however cannot talk, so that totally destroys my theory.

    The new aliens speak with an old Japanese dialect. The two swordsman are the only ones that have talked consistantly during the Nuri Arc.


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