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    Default #261 Spoilers

    Hey! Someone put those spoilers in a spanish forum. I dont know if it's correct, but at least we have one pin-up for the chapter(spoilers in spanish):

    "Titulo: Aniquilacion y Desaparicion

    Comentario: Danzando, caen los Lideres.
    Abriendo las cortinas de una Tragedia.

    Kato: Na……
    Kato alza la mirada para observar al Tengu y al Yoko.
    Al instante Uno de los soldados del las fuerzas de autodefensa ordena disparar
    Soldado: Uwaa……Oooo…..Wa…aaa…
    El Tengu con su mano gira la boca del rifle para que asi no pueda disparar.
    Kato: Es inútil!! Escapen!!...Todos ustedes escapen!!
    El Tengu ataca al soldado, al parecer despedazandolo.
    Kato: Ah!!...Es inútil!!.... Mierda!!
    Simultáneamente Las fuerzas de autodefensa comienzan a dispararle al Tengu.
    Fuerzas de autodefensa: Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….
    El cuerpo del Tengu recibe y soporta todos los disparos
    Kato: Es inútil…Escapen!!
    Soldados: No se detengan!!..sigan disparando…hasta que lo despedacemos!!
    Kato: K….
    Kato se percata que el Tengu esta elevándose.
    Al llegar a cierta altura, el Tengu cae con fuerza sobre algunos soldados, aplastándolos.
    El Tengu molesto se mantiene en el aire.
    Kato le dispara con la Pistola Y al Tengu.

    Al parecer el Tengu recibe el disparo de la pistola Y y logra ser capturado.
    Kato se concentra en el tengu y trata de no perderlo de vista.
    El Yoko al parecer con un movimiento de su brazo es capaz de destrozar a 8 soldados.
    Soldados: Disparen!!
    Kato: Que?
    Kato concentrándose del Tengu no se percata del Yoko que aparece detrás de el.
    Kato: ¡?
    El Tengu se libera de los hilos de la pistola Y
    El Tengu y el Yoko rodean a Kato y al cuatro ojos
    Cuatro Ojos: No…no puedo morir….no puedo morir
    Kato se resigna, y recuerda el rostro de su hermano..
    Kato: Kei Chan…


    Tres miembros de Osaka entran en la Tres miembros de Osaka entran en la escena
    George, Kuwabara y Nobuo portando sus armas H (así las llaman los japoneses…)

    Comentario: Los tres de Osaka hacen una abrupta aparición!!
    La situación lograra invertirse!?

    Siguiente episodio 22/10/07

    La portada la encontré en la actualizada pagina de la revista Young Jump, el Spoiler en el 2ch. "

    I think he did a mistake in the next release chapter. lol
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    that doesn't help the non-spanish speakers/readers very much

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    If i had some time left i would translate it. Anyways, it says that Katou begin fighting the bosses after they kill the soldiers. The action goes on and the chapter is finished with the appearance of the three pros of Osaka (George, Nobu, Kazuo) at the scene.

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    "I title: Destruction and Disappearance Commentary:

    Dancing, they fall Lideres.

    Opening the curtains of a Tragedy.

    Kato: Na...... Kato
    raises the glance to observe the Tengu and the Yoko.
    Right away One of the soldiers of the forces of self-defense orders to shoot
    Soldier: Uwaa...... Oooo.....Wa... AAA...
    The Tengu with its hand turns the mouth of rifle so that asi cannot shoot.
    Kato: He is useless! Escapen!!... All you escape!
    The Tengu attacks the soldier, apparently breaking it.
    Kato: Ah!!... Is useless!!.... Excrement!
    Simultaneously the self-defense forces begin to shoot to the Tengu.
    Forces of self-defense: Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
    The body of the Tengu receives and supports all the
    Kato firings: He is useless... Escape!
    Soldiers: They do not detengan!!..sigan themselves shooting... until we break it!
    Kato: K....
    Kato notices that the Tengu this rising.
    When arriving at certain height, the Tengu falls with force on some soldiers, squashing them.
    The annoying Tengu stays in the air.
    Kato shoots with the Pistol and to the Tengu.
    Apparently the Tengu receives the firing of the pistol and and manages to be captured.
    Kato is concentrated in tengu and deals with not losing it of Vista.
    The Yoko apparently with a movement of its arm is able to destroy to 8 soldiers.
    Soldiers: Shoot!
    Kato: That? Kato concentrating itself of the Tengu is not noticed of the Yoko that appears behind.
    Kato: The Tengu is freed of threads of the pistol and the Tengu and the Yoko surround to Kato and the four eyes
    Four Eyes: ... I cannot I can die
    Kato one resigns, and it remembers the face of its brother.
    Kato: Kei Chan...

    Heres a rubbish altavista translation. It sheds a little light.

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    awesome pic. thanks. I wish I paid more attention in spanish class...

    *thank ya tet... interesting? More soldiers dying of course. I love the spanglish.
    Apparently the part you didn't translate involves George, Kuwabara and Nobu entering wielding Hguns. Pretty tight.
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    Kato: Na……
    Kato looks at the Tengu and the Yoko. One of the soldiers orders to shoot.
    Soldier: Uwaa……Oooo…..Wa…aaa…
    The Tengu twists the rifle mouth so he can't shoot.
    Kato: It's useless!! Run!! ...Everybody run!!!
    The Tengu attacks the soldier, apparently dismembering it.
    Kato: Ah!!...It's useless!! Shit!!!
    The soldiers start to shoot at the Tengu.
    Soldiers: Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….
    The Tengu's body can withstand all the shots.
    Kato: It's useless... escape!!
    Soldiers: Don't stop!! Keep shooting... till we kill him!!
    Kato: K….
    Kato notices the Tengu's rising. He reached certain height, then stomps some soldiers to the ground. The Tengu then stays in the air, pissed off. Kato shoots him with the Y-Gun.

    The Tengu's trapped. Kato focuses on him. The Yoko kills 8 soldiers just by moving his arm.
    Soldados: Shoot!!
    Kato: What?
    Kato, who was focusing on the Tengu, didn't notice that the Yoko appeared behind him.
    Kato: ?!
    The Tengu frees himself from the Y-Gun; together with the Yoko, they surround Kato and the nerd.
    Nerd: No…I can't die... I can't die...
    Kato gives up, and remembers the face of his brother.
    Kato: Kei-chan…


    Three Osaka Gantz hunters enter the scene: George, Kuwabara and Nobuo, along with their H-Guns.
    Comment: The three from Osaka make an abrupt appearance!! Will the situation turn tables?!

    Next chapter 22/10


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    Nice to see Kyou, Kuwabara, Nobu, and George on the cover of volume 22.

    I think those 3 will suffer the same fate as the 3 sadists.
    etufo: HS is most likely going to die sooner or later. Who will kill the cool character killer?

    Popo: well, obviously going by that logic, HS will have to kill himself...

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    Good to see you about Rah. Thanks for the better translation. Really does sound like an interesting chapter. I look forward to reading it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetnubis View Post
    Kato: Ah!!... Is useless!!.... Excrement!
    LOL, sounds like DGM. That sure is a ban word...

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    I was actually starting to get bored of gantz. I don't know if you guys enjoyed them but I just downloaded the last 5/6 chapters and they were a let down IMO. I was wondering if I should even bother reading it anymore but this one sounds exciting even if there won't be any action. Just to see what they'll say. Well, I mean 262.

    What's up with morten's sig?
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    Quote Originally Posted by peacemakerx View Post
    This is getting ridiculous...
    Osakan Spirit Bomb please...
    Quote Originally Posted by Laughing Man View Post
    Some people think way too hard about Nishi's role in this manga beside that you can barely see him in action.
    Let's call them Nishifags :P


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