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    Default I just bought 254...Spoilers

    Just got back from picking up the newest Young Jump...spoilers for the new Gantz chapter follow:

    Page 1: Blondie, smoking his cigarette. Title...not sure what the first kanji is, but the second one looks like ichi and the last one is hon (book).

    Page 2-3: The sadist is fighting the female-looking demon. They seem evenly matched.

    Page 4: The sadist slices some of the demon's hair off.

    Page 5: The demon puts his/her sword away and taunts the sadist.

    Page 6-7: The sadist attacks...the demon draws its sword...and slices off the sadist's fingers.

    Page 8-9: The demon slashes off the sadist's ears.

    Page 10-11: The sadist collapses to the ground and surrenders. The demon turns to walk away. The sadist charges with his sword...and the other demon slashes his arm and head off from behind. Finally, Blondie kills the remaining sadist by slashing his back open.

    Page 12-13: The demons and the vampires stand around...but then...the female-looking demon slashes off Chigusa's sword arm.

    Page 14-15: Blondie draws his sword and looks at the demons. They laugh and say stuff...he responds...

    Page 16-17: The demons surround Blondie and attack.

    Page 18: OH SHIT! The male demon slices Blondie's cigarette. It's fucking on...then the female demon slices off his right index finger.

    Page 19: Blondie's tie is sliced in half, and the bridge of his nose is slashed open...

    Page 20-21: Some of Blondie's hair is cut off...he dodges the female-looking demon and slices off her feet.

    Page 22-23: The male demon charges Blondie, who slashes off both of his arms. Blondie kicks ass.

    Page 24-25: Blondie returns to the Tokyo team, carrying Chigusa on his back. He talks to the looks like he's ready to join them and fight.

    Next chapter: 8/9.
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    You are a GOD among men cooler. I cannot thank you enough.

    This chapter seems like it's going to contain everything we thought the last chapter should have contained.
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    Tat's assome... never tot tat the alien gonna atk the vamp... thanks man...

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    wow thanks. though i anticipated the female vamp to die but i didnt expect it to be so soon. (the female vamp only gave hints about her relationship for blondie last chap!!!)

    omg this demon speech-retards are such badass

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    well so much for caring if the female vamp died lol, thanks cooler

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    Dammit, I couldn't held myself from reading this spoiler, but wow, it was worth every word from it.

    But of course, now I'm really curious at why Oku needed to stretch this IMO obvious development for the story with the previous chapter? was it really necessary that vamps/aliens exchange? couldn't they just have slashed each other from the beggining??.....or maybe he was looking for an excuse to kill more Osakans........... but jeez, if this chapter is as exciting as Cooler is describing it, I'm going to be royally pissed for having to wait four weaks for a development that could have been resolved in just one, obviously more hawt, kind of a chapter......


    anyways, thanks for this review.

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    Wow just reading the spoilers gives off a good chapter vibe.
    etufo: HS is most likely going to die sooner or later. Who will kill the cool character killer?

    Popo: well, obviously going by that logic, HS will have to kill himself...

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    Who says female vamp is dead? So many gantzers have survived with and arm cut.

    Lol @ male vamp's cigarette cut

    This chapter sounds good enough to make up for last week's lack of interesting stuff happening

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    Oh wow, thankyou Cooler. Sounds like an amazing chapter. Cant wait for the RAW.

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    Yes, it seems very exciting. Looks like Chigusa won't survive.


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