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    Quote Originally Posted by Kagetenshi View Post
    You sure? It's been a while since the start of the manga, he might be sixteen now.
    He celebrated his sixteenth birthday a few days before the Ring and Tae missions.
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    Hi from Argentina land of the brave, cradle of the dulce de leche, home of the alfajor and the place where everything no matter how fucked up, unheard off, crazy or just ridiculous actually happens, most of you may feel the same about your nation or city but believe me here it really is that way...


    HELL YEAH, i would fuck Tae...

    She is a nice girl, loves manga and painting (i do too) and she is really cute and shy, she also cares and is a loyal girl.

    Her body is not of the Femme DD Fatale CUP, ok, boobs size´s matters not to me, i love breast in all its sizes (i´m ratter picky with the shape though), she has a slender petite phisique, loli type you would said but Japanese girls actually do have this type of body in real life more often than something more boobaliciously curvy like most girls in this manga (most mangas actually)

    Despite being shy and socially ackward she is a pasionate lover in the bed (i might be exagerating she is more like a lovely kitten) and she do give head with lust and love and she also swallows...

    My second girlfriend during highschool was a lot like her, body and actitude (she did´t have interest in otaku or arty stuff like me, but she´d play a mean Street Fighter game and similar fighting games). I was 17 and she was 15 at the time.

    So yeah i will totally fuck her, specially since i had a sexual relationship with a similar kind of girl...

    By the way this really offtopic but wha the hell, real story from highschool...

    A friend of mine (16yo girl when they break up) dated some older dude (27yo) since she was 13yo and he was 24yo, that i will call a pedophile, since we were really close she told me he had a small penis, like 3 or 4 inches hard, she told me that when they were still dating, i teased her that he would date underage girls ´cause he had an small penis complex, something she later prove true discovering that all her previous girlfriends were 12yo to 15yo girls, and he dump her for a 14yo girl from a catholic school. The bastard was a NightClub flyerboy (the guys who give free tickets off nightclubs to the students at the highschool´s entrance), so he was always picking underage girls. He also cheated on her countless times with girls from other schools.

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    lol way too off topic


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