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    Default Good Experienced Gantz RP!!!

    Gantz RPG

    Gantz RPG

    In the modern world, many question what happens when you die. Weather you go to an afterlife or you rot in the soil that you are put in. Weather there 'is' a true Heaven or Hell. Let the truth be revealed... You are given a second chance.

    Deep in the labyrinth of Tokyo, Japan sits a mysterious black ball. A ball whom many may think as a joke, until they are set out to fight for their lives. After death this 'ball' is the one that gives you another chance at life. Another chance to make an impact on Earth. Whatever you may think about the after life has been a lie. The truth is to be revealed. Gantz, the black ball aformentioned is the sole savior to your pitiful lives. It has given you a chance to live, on one single condition. You do what he says, when he wants it. Giving you weapons and enhanced suits, you are to battle the abnormal, gaining points that get you closer to your freedom.

    Will you give up this chance after dying?...

    Do You enjoy reading the Gantz manga or watching the anime? Did you ever want the chance to immerse yourself in the strange world of Gantz and join in on one of the bizarre alien hunts? You can finally have the chance to do so at one of, if not the, longest running Gantz rp site. Although you won't have the chance to interact with characters from the manga, you will be able to join in on completely original storylines and interact with original characters. With four different rooms to choose from and other side projects, you will be guaranteed with a genuine role-playing experience. Register for a free account and join us.

    Our site brings a whole new aspect to Gantz, though still based in Tokyo, there are not one, but four Gantz's in the crazy city. It is your decisions that impact the outcome of you, and your allies. We will take every little detail into thought, and show the resulting event of that small detail. Weather it be setting your gun on a desk or shooting the wrong spot of an object.

    This RPG is all about that final decision you make. We are an experienced site of three years, that is looking for new 'contestants' in the world of Gantz. We have a welcoming Admin team that can and will answer many questions about Gantz or Rping. We are home to many first-timers in which we set the goal to increase their skill. ALSO, we are a lenient site that looks for an enjoyable time.

    For Your Entertainment...

    Please Read the following to get a feel for one of our exciting stories...

    Premonition: The Briefings...

    Everyone looked at the ball because that seemed to be the source of the music as the words of the song played...


    On the ball another message with green letters appeared...

    "Your lives have ended. How you use you new lives is entirely up to me. That's the theory, anyways."

    The message soon disappeared to be replaced with another.

    "Kill these aliens!"

    Name: Corny Alien
    Characteristics: Sleepy, boring, and just plain corny.
    Likes: Sleeping and being harvested.
    Dislikes: Noisiness and being eaten.
    Favorite Phrase: "This place is a maize!"

    Threat: Low

    Name: Grumpy Corn Alien
    Characteristics: Enraged, berserking, and bad news for you...
    Likes: Burrowing, hiding, and good fertilizer.
    Dislikes: Being disturbed and those who abuse corn.
    Favorite Phrases: When poping from ground~>"Wooo-haaaa!"
    When berserking ~>"You've been eating corn haven't you?!"

    Threat: Moderate



    Kramarr saw Wei sucked on by the Corny alien and took out his X-gun. At the rate Tam was going he wouldn't be able to ever get it off his head and judging by his facial expression. Kramarr could tell that the triad would give anything to not be in the situation he was currently in.

    "Mmph!Mmph!" The Corn alien struggled followed by the slurping sounds that it made with Tam's head. It sounded extremely disgusting and Tam was losing patience.

    Tomoko extended her Katana after having a bit, of trouble and tried to head over to cut Wei free. Though she was stopped by Kramarr's hand as he took aim at the alien's stem. After firing two shots he waited for Tam to finish the job.

    Tomoko struggled to help Wei only to stop as the triad let out a long annoyed sigh. She witnessed his right arm bulk up and and his next attempt to grab the corn off his head. With Kramarr's assistance the stem then exploded and the Alien regurgitated Wei out of its mouth.

    Tam Wei now held it's lifeless cob in his hand as he looked down on it with a sense of purpose. His mouth then widened as he took a bite out of it. While he chewed it their were blue blood stains on its mouth but, it tasted pretty good. Now satisfied he shoot it with his X-Gun.

    When it exploded in his hand they heard a scream from further inside the crop feilds...

    "Thats Mako's voice!" Tomoko pointed out looking between Kramarr and Tam Wei.

    And indeed it was...

    Immediately after Dane had been distracted with lifting the alien off of the cheerleader they heard a fierce battle cry. Dane looked to his left only to be knocked away from Mako who was now free from her imprisonment under the Grumpy Alien.

    However, now she was faced with another trial. There had been another grumpy alien that had come to avenge it. In its vengeful eyes green tears began to fall as it looked at its fallen brethren. The Alien looked back and forth between Mako and Dane who now was struggling to his feet.

    Then in the blink of an eye the Corn Alien charged at Mako. She could only scream once as she felt herself lifted by her neck until her feet could no longer touch the ground. With tears in her eyes she looked toward Dane as the Grumpy Alien attempted to choke the life out of her. Her hands clenched desperately onto her pom-poms before she let them drop and grasped onto the alien's arm. She didn't know how long she'd be able to hold on at this rate...

    Tomoko, Wei, and Kramarr arrived on the scene as Dane stood to his feet. After seeing him they looked at what he was aiming at...they couldn't really even comprehend just what the hell it really was even. All they knew was it had Mako held in the air and eventually it would choke the life out of her!

    "You let her go!" Tomoko shouted as she readied her Katana.

    Tam aimed his X-Gun as well, but was distracted. His busted controller screen sparked a bit, before showing information on the new adversary. Along with the annoying skipping ring-tone the information was better late than never.

    "Goddammit!!" Dane shouted as he finally got in on the action. He fired three times at it's legs and twice at it's head, making sure not to accidentally hit Mako.

    "D-Don't worry!" He shouted to the struggling cheerleader as sweat formed on his brow.

    The Grumpy Alien on the other hand just snickered. It seemed sadistic the way it laughed because its laughter never swayed the icy glare that was almost as if it were glued to its face. The tears in its eyes still made it look like it were actually going insane from the hatred building inside of it.

    Then the alien took action. Mako's struggling form was put into use as the Alien used her as a shield for Dane's shots. As each of the shots hit her she screamed and her eyes widened in pain. Four blows from an X-Gun was not something that a suit could take lightly.

    With Mako now lowered the alien miscalculated the fifth shot and a small chunk from the left side of the alien's head was blown off. It screeched in agony before throwing Mako into Dane.

    Tomoko the opportunist took this chance to try and follow up with her Katana but, the alien was able to spot her and she was knocked into Kramarr. When Wei looked up from his controller he noticed he was the only one left standing with the alien not too far away from him.

    The Grumpy Alien then made eye contact with him and noticed small bits of blue blood on the triad's chin and lips. Glaring at Wei red electricity began to spark from its blades as it asked him a simple question, "You've been eating corn haven't you?!" With this possible realization the now berserk alien seemed to ignore its bleeding head.

    Kramarr hesitated as Tam stood to his feet and rush at the alien shouting back to him and the others, "Watch this shit."

    He was trying to slide under the alien's legs but, before he could get in close he stopped in his tracks and almost had his head cut off.

    Kramarr saw he was having trouble and decided to shoot three shots at the the alien's chest. Each shot hit it's mark and Wei was able to slide smoothly under the alien's legs and out of reach as a claw pierced the ground where the lucky guy's head use to be.

    Behind the alien at the time Dane was trying to revive Mako to no avail. He could only watch as her yes rolled back and she began to gasp heavily.

    "Shit!" Dane shouted. There was definitely something wrong with her. "G-Goddammit! What the fuck s-should I do!?" He shouted with the battle in front of him preventing even if it were one of the most complex of minds from concentrating.

    Mako who was in his arms had been reliving her last moment of life before entering the room. Eijii Sagurai had shot her the day he came to school remembering her being in the crowd of people that laughed at him. He had no idea she wasn't laughing but, shot her anyways. While she lay there in her mind bleeding profusely a white light made her tragic flashback vanish. With it now gone it was replaced with a vision. This wasn't for her but, for someone else. It was for Tam.

    She could see the moment he slid from under the corn alien he would immediately die. The Grumpy Corn Alien would use its blades in a spinning attack and decapitate his head from his body and along with it his torso would be cut into two. It looked painful and Mako could feel the pain ten-fold as she clutched onto Dane for comfort. The pain was too much to bare alone and she wasn't in her right mind to possibly be able to comprehend how close she was to the guy.

    Before her eyes opened Tomoko had long before ran to her side as well and proceeded to shake her with tears in her eyes,"Little sister! Please open your eyes!" The blonde shouted before hand. She then looked at Dane a bit accusingly,"What did you do to her...why won't she respond?"

    Dane looked at her and shook his head,"I don't know!" With all the noise he just wanted quiet."Shut the hell up!!" You could hear him shout as he fired off several shots at the annoyingly loud alien.Without watching the shots take effect he was able to turn to Mako just as she awakened and looked back at him for a moment terrified beyond belief.

    Her head went limp to the left and she saw Wei get to his feet after his baseball slide under the alien. It was happening all over again...the horrible vision!

    Struggling free from Dane she stood to her feet and called out to the triad. Looking at Tam with tears in her eyes."You have to duck, its going to kill you!"

    Tam who was now behind the alien took heed to her warning by instinct and barely avoided having his head sliced off. In his crouched position the second blade passed and a sigh of relief came from Mako's lips as Dane's shots took effect on the alien's back. With the alien shrugging off the pain Tam saw his chance and jumped on the Grumpy Alien's back and ripped its stem from the base of its masculine root. With it in his hands blue blood squirted in every direction as the triad stared down at the now defeated prey...

    If you enjoyed that Please join us in the true Afterlife


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    Who in the name of god do you expect to read all that!?
    It's a new day.

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Does oral sex count?

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    ^it's an example so the others know what to expect.

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    Lol. To think, all that just to advertise one single site. Large, and overly complex if you ask me. Ill keep things simple for now, and stay here.

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    Lol, yah lol pretty much =]

    You don't have to read it, just in case we come across those people that like samples first =]

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    Why did Gantz tell them about the Grumpy Corn Alien?
    It's his style to just tell them about the weaker ones, and then let them get WTF pwned by the strong one.

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    gantz actually didnt tell them about the grumpy alien until one of the corny aliens uprooted itself in front of one of the gantzers and became a grumpy alien. the controllers in that project (we have 4 seperate rooms) update regularly during the mission.
    Last edited by KBell; 07-15-2007 at 04:44 PM. Reason: extra explanation.

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    it this real? hehe

    I'll try the link.




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