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    over there!


    "Since posting in the OT, I have heard the most incredible story".

    It all started back in 2007.
    But I won’t tell the story. Ironically, I’ll let you guys do it yourselves actually.

    It all started with this..
    Quote Originally Posted by darkus-s6 View Post
    could it be ..........seth......?
    Quote Originally Posted by MGB View Post
    If you ever do that again, I will report you to Mods.
    Quote Originally Posted by Popothepenguin View Post
    Seth alien too easy. It'd just keep reappearing in different forms and Tet would keep shooting it in the head.
    And LOOK! This, gentlemen, is the question you are all so familiar with. It has somewhat become a tradition itself..
    But this one is special, cause it’s the very first one, so I decided to quote it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kratoce View Post
    What is a Seth alien?
    Quote Originally Posted by MGB View Post
    Seth is a past member of these forums. He's also an example of everything you shouldn't do on a forum.
    Quote Originally Posted by MGB View Post
    Most of his stupidity didn’t occur until after he was banned. He was known as the king of ban dodgers that week. It was sad, every time he would make a new account it would be banned an hour or two later. Unfortunately, he had so many accounts it was hard to keep up. I think the total was somewhere around sixteen. If you type Seth666 into the member search function, you can look at all of his posts. However, he’s most famous for the stuff that happened after he was banned.
    ^ it’s funny how he actually has mixed feelings about this.
    Quote Originally Posted by darkus-s6 View Post
    how could you be so certain that i'm seth, maybe i could be another member who happens to know seths situation and is just messing around.
    Quote Originally Posted by Popothepenguin View Post
    Yeah this is definetely Seth. Well... I doubt his diction... too sophisticated for Seth...
    Quote Originally Posted by MGB View Post
    It's you're writing style that gave you away the moment you posted the post I am replying to. I hope you don't get banned this time. I know you will though..
    Quote Originally Posted by Popothepenguin View Post
    Yeah! Seth's back for real! Been a while. Are all your other accounts permabanned?
    Quote Originally Posted by MGB View Post
    I did miss you but you are annoying sometimes. I think we all are though. So what have you been doing for the last month? Btw did you ever figure out I am a dude?
    Aww, see? Mixed feelings. ^__^

    Quote Originally Posted by MGB View Post
    Seth and I were both chatting away in the art thread only to be banned 20 or so minutes later for going OT. It was only a one-day ban; I was perfectly fine with it, Seth wasn’t. Of course, you can probably imagine what ensued. It was a blood bath that week, every time he would post with a new account he would be banned within 20 to 30 minutes of doing so. As you can tell, if I hadn’t of drove us OT, he may have still been here to this very day as Seth666.
    Quote Originally Posted by Popothepenguin View Post
    I like Seth, I just don't think his ability to ban dodge should be used in the wrong hands.
    Quote Originally Posted by MGB View Post
    His ability? All he does is come back, say he's Seth and he starts posting again. He wasn’t talented at it, Tet just got tired of swinging the banstick at him. I’m glad he did too because I kind of like Seth.
    See? Again.

    Oh, and this is basically the whole story and how the little drama started.
    Quote Originally Posted by MGB View Post
    I guess since no one else has told the story of Seth yet, I will. I know it better than most anyway. Besides, it’s not as if Tetnubis is going to ban him--he already knows.

    It all began around this time last year. I was around and didn’t have much to do, so I commented on a picture Seth had posted in the Gantz fan art thread and before I knew it, we‘d gone completely off-topic (this was before the off-topic thread existed). I can’t recall exactly what it is we were discussing, but I know it couldn’t have been anything good. It was as if we were both drunk and comforting each other, if you will. (You know how two drunken idiots will talk to each other to pass the time if they can’t get to sleep or something--that’s what it was like with us.) So, after a good four hours and nine pages later, we got quite the surprise when Tetnubis logged on, deleted all our shit, and banned us for a day. We deserved it--even I’ll admit that.

    Anyway, that’s not why he’s infamous in this sub-forum (in fact, not many people even know about what happened that night), but I wanted you guys to know the whole story before I tell you the juicy part. You see, the reason he had such a bad reputation last year was because he ban dodged like no other. Most people try to conceal their former identity when doing so, but not him. Oh no, he usually came right out with it by using his trademark “u.u”. His ban dodging went on for a while, until he finally gave up sometime in July, I think. At least, we thought so. A few months had passed since we’d last heard from him, and we were understandably starting to miss him and his antics. Then, unexpectedly, he returned as darkus-s6 soon after I had revealed the alien in my first RP to be him.

    So yeah, that's pretty much the whole story.
    Yup, pretty much it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shin_Igami View Post
    On Seth: Well, he is still around, while everyone else has bombed out of the scene . Either way, Seth might have had a "bad" rep, but Darkus doesn't . Multi-Account, FTW...
    Yeah, “ftw”.

    Anyhow…maybe you were wondering how I got to know this stuff. Why am I here? Why have I started posting here? (k, the last one is pretty stupid, you all know that part)
    Well, who hasn’t at least noticed the “OT thread”? A thread that no other section has, more free and random than CC, a section where spam was apparently the topic itself. I just needed to click on one random page …and the name Seth and part of what seemed an old and long forgotten story emerged.

    Two days before, darkus had made his comeback after his long break and we were all so very happy.

    So anyway, after a chain of events we started talking and one day as I was reflecting on how the OT almost managed to reach its 500 page, I received a pm from darkus asking me if I could steal the post. Which I did. And afterwards, as you well know, I remained there.

    Quote Originally Posted by sakura_hana
    Quote Originally Posted by darkus-s6
    Hey Alina, I need a favor from you since you'll prolly be more active...
    In the OT there is a race to the x000th posts, this time is the 5000th. I need you to lurk around that thread and post the 5000th post if you see the moment is right. Just for the lulz xD. Will you? lol
    oh well, I guess things need to be sped up a bit.
    sure, always considered doing that xD

    Remember the time you guys found out my name and that “anton” was really a very inspired call?...
    He posted that pic you have all been talking about … (MGB, do you still have it saved on your computer? ..)
    …and this happened:
    Quote Originally Posted by morten View Post
    @darkus: Dude, I would've never shown your pic...Plus we could have pressure sakura to show her face on ST with your pic. Now my plans are ruined again... T_T..
    Quote Originally Posted by darkus-s6 View Post
    That wouldn't have worked...catch my drift? xD

    Yes…because by that time, I already knew.

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    Wink Journal//First Post (Reprise)

    April/May 07
    An uneventful evening at home, watching YouTube, ended up on the rediscovery of Gantz. The series in question caught my interest back in high school days but I didn’t dwell to deep onto it. This time however, the comments on YouTube let me to discover the manga. The first one out of a [really] short manga list of readings I’ve had so far.

    Going on with this new discovery I stumbled across different sites; NF, MH, OneManga, McAnime and ST. The latter two caught my attention. The first one, McAnime, had a big community of Spanish speakers. The other, StopTazmo, had what appeared to be one of the largest and more involved Gantz communities out there.

    So I made a decision; I was going to keep track on both of them. Hence, I started lurking….

    June 07

    The forums seemed kind of entertaining. Activity during these days was increasing, some few regulars started posting, but some comments were getting out of control. Forbidden Gundam, BDRZS07,Popothepenguin ,MGB, Seth_666 among others, were rapidly increasing their post counts. Among the many examples of chaos there was a fanart thread where MGB and Seth_666 got in to a needless chitchat on a fanart topic. The result of their action: a BAN.

    Seth_666 reaction did not wait. Multiple accounts appeared. Spam and complaints were everywhere. Tetnubis, the moderator of the Gantz sub, got into action. Seth’s accounts were all permabanned.

    In the meantime, McAnime was also rising. New posters appeared. One of the fellows establishing as a regular there was a familiar face. His alias: Seth_666. His post were interesting; resentment was all over the place whenever a reference of StopTazmo forums came up….

    Curiosity and the eagerness to post got the best of me. But posting for the sake of posting was not my goal. There was something more…

    A new account in McAnime was created and the fellow behind it had a mission. The purpose of it was to contact another regular and discuss a certain issue….

    July 07

    Another incident mark the Gantz section at ST. An Off-Topic thread was opened. Regular threads usually deviated into different topics and chitchat. Hence, Tetnubis creation was applauded.

    A month had past since the uprising of Seth_666. However, his memory was still engraved in the minds of the Gantz regulars. Multiple remarks on his persona were made, one liner jokes mock-quoting him were written, a RPG antagonist was based on him.

    Suddenly, a new figure appeared. Darkus-s6 became a regular by force. Posting for the sake of posting….it seemed like it, but no. This could be tagged as a “social experiment” or even a “joke”. Somehow, the figure center of the jokes and attention rematerialized. Seth_666 lived on…

    August 07 - February 08

    During these time the initial heat of the Offtopic thread declined. Things slowed down for a bit. Except for the fact that new regulars came to the Offtopic thread. Cali, Shin_Igami, morten, Urameshi-sama joined the discussions. The core group of Offtopic posters began establishing itself.

    March 08

    One of these newcomers, well actually an OT regular and prominent poster in the Gantz section already, happened to frequent McAnime forums, and had encountered an unfriendly post by one of the regulars there. That regular (the one at McAnime), showed some resentment towards a certain forum…

    Immediate action was taken noticing those events. Some information had to be leaked…

    April – August 08

    Post count increased. Massively. The old pace the thread used to have during the previous year was starting to pick up... Races for posts with fancy numbers developed into a game among regulars…Needless to say, it was kinda fun… xD

    I needed a break, though. The reasons:… reason at all. Really. A “just because” was and still is my only explanation. But, a simple ‘goodbye’ was not enough. So I pulled some theatrics and turned this into an attention-gathering-well-announced farewell. “Out forever”…I didn’t buy that….

    August – November 08

    Break time. Checked every now and then. Even sent my regards once. But as the break came to and end the return was imminent…

    December 08 – January 09

    Back in action, I settled again in the community by posting on the Offtopic Thread and in the Forum Games section.
    By destiny or the mystic hand of the powers that be, an impish profile-message exchange with one regular from the forums turned into a series of conversations…

    A number of topics were discussed, jokes were thrown around and then, one day, the bomb was dropped…..

    Past couple months - Present

    Morten was banned.
    Cali, Urameshi, MGB, Shin_Igama, Sakura_hana, BlueDemon and many others including myself formed a front against this management decision. Not many records were kept of the incident but any of the regulars can tell the story…

    This ‘revolt’ led to a diaspora of many regulars to another forum, leaving the OT and its surroundings at the hands of silence…

    I had a plan, a post in mind. A story to be told once a number was reached. But this is no more. This is better. Why? Because, as a wise man once said, good threads don't get boring, they go out with a blow... So let this be that last blow…


    Quote Originally Posted by Gunmetal Gray View Post
    Darkus is the least sneaky person i've ever seen, he just acts so indirectly that you can't predict his next movements!
    Are you sure about that? xD
    Quote Originally Posted by Urameshi-sama View Post
    Darkus does theater?
    Not quite, but I did a pretty damn good job acting for a while…who knows I could even profit someday….
    Quote Originally Posted by Popothepenguin View Post
    well I don't trust Darkus' or Seths or satan.
    yeah, for the most part you shouldn’t….
    Quote Originally Posted by Urameshi-sama View Post
    darkus is darkus (or Seth or culo de mundo if you remember that).
    …yes, no and nono.
    Quote Originally Posted by morten View Post
    Lol, the ol' seth is back...
    He never was. D:


    It must be quite obvious by now, but if you haven’t figure it out yet, I’ll let you in on something: I’m not Seth.

    The fellow whose shenanigans were once remembered is somewhere, but not here. This farce was a trial, an experiment if you will. As experimental as this place, and just like it, it got out of hand and now it meets a dead end.

    But well, all good things come to an end, and this is no different.

    If you don’t believe this, then at least doubt my diction. xD

    PS; to lighten the mood I’ll leave you with some pics…

    notice kitty on hand *raaawwr*



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    "sleep with me tonight, sweety" ~sakura_hana~

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    best story ever

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    Seeing as I always get blanked in this thread, I'm gonna say what I think... that those two posts from sakura and darkus was the most pretentious self-important spam essays I have read in my entire history of forum-going.

    As a poster from another forum wiser than me wrote;

    "Goodbye posts and the such are painful for everyone"... just like a Tv programme with Piers Morgan in it.



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