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    Cool Is it just me or is this current arc not flowing as well as the others... *SPOILERS*

    I mean... There was a lot of build up of what Gantz was all about and constant Vampire attacks after the Oni Mission...

    And then *BAM* that all fizzles out to a randomized Gantz mission?

    So this begs an even greater question.

    What should we as the reader focus on more, outside the Gantz game, or the Gantz game itself?

    At least with the Oni Mission we got to see a little of the Oni and Vamps working together. That mission didn't seem random at all. It actually had somewhat of a purpose. (Timer going off, Gantzers are visible)
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    Not really a randomised mission though, it was to make the cliffhanger at the end of Phase One more suspenseful.

    The Gantzers have to complete this mission to get back to their lives, it is too early to wonder about what we should be focusing on when we still don't have a full picture of what's going on. The game has changed, the vampires also have a slight dilemma, and Oku is now defining the other characters on the team. Take Kaze's chapter for example. We still have to see if Kikuchi will make a return.
    This mission has a purpose. With Kurono gone, and Katou's return, we get to see what happens.

    In my opinion, this mission will deal with the changes that the missions have taken, so they can speculate. The next mission or so will show the weaknesses in the team and then they will have missions that will have/force them to work together as a team so they can be prepared for the big event.

    If we are lucky, most of it will be covered in this mission, as there are still 3 boss fights to be had.

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    You don't have vamps probably because the mission is in Osaka. And all the vamps we've seen were in the Toyko area.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tousen View Post
    Please don't bother. Simple rule: If it wasn't in the manga, it doesn't count.




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