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    Default What do you like about Gantz?

    What I like about Gantz is that there is no clear conception of good and bad unlike in many other mangas. Also the characters have flaws in them, which is realistic. Also gantz shows both good and bad qualities of people and that people are capable of changing to a worse or better person. Gantz also has a very unpredictable storyline because a lot of people are introduced and then killed off, which they are then replaced again. That way gantz never gets boring for me.

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    Read Berserk. I think you would love it.

    I love Gantz...pretty much for the same reasons.

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    Its kinda dark but I kinda like how Gantz shows the frailty of human life as in people in missions are are killed easily and it's just like "oh well they got f'ed and now their dead". Also what humans will do to survive like as in Nishi how he uses the "newbies" as bait and goes for the kill. Also shows true colors of humans example the Osaka team, innocents were dying to them it's just part of the scenery and the fact that no remorse is shown when a fellow team mate dies to them it's "wow what an idiot". Well thats my two cents

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    Tits and gory moments, plain and simple.

    Oh yeah,

    also the killing of every single character you get fond of is one good reason to read this.

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    To be Gantzer is for sure the new Sports Art
    Im tought a long time about that Question, but..ya

    I think, its a strange thing.

    You die...nya.. go figure..

    But, instead, your´re stayin in that Room. The Gantz Mission...
    Gantz gives you a second Chance to live. It´s havy, but its true.
    So you can choose 3 things..
    1 "Sould i believe that stupid thing....i have to kill aliens for live....okay!"
    2 "Im the one, who refuse to wear the Suit..." -> deadline..
    3 "Is that heaven?" -> haha...for sure..we all know what´ll happen -> you´re choose 1 or 2

    So..Gantz shows a very bad question..
    The Decision "What ´ll do for live.."

    And of course, lot of Girls and a top Story

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    I like everything about gantz,
    Lots of blood
    Everyone can die
    Good plot
    lots of unanswereed questions
    And some nice nudity
    With nice girls.

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    Heavily character-based, highly ambiguous (both in terms of the plot/world and morally speaking), and unpredictable.

    Also with a healthy number of "hell yeah" moments.

    Failure: when your best just isn't good enough.

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    This was probably mentioned a half dozen times already but I like the fact that it can be suspenseful. After the buddha mission, it wouldn't have been that shocking if even Kurono died. I also like the fact that as you read it, you're still guessing what is goin on and why but that's also a bad thing and I like the originality and characters.

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    I love how many different characters and stereo types are presented in the Gantz manga like I'm sure someone was like well I want a kick ass swordsman- Izumi, or I want the everyday horny teen- Kurono and im sure everybody wanted I want a girl with huge tits- Reika, Kishimoto, osakan girl, err tomb raider chick. Plus great story, unpredictable as hell, and suspenseful.

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    well i really like what the author has done with this new team and their perspective on gantz.

    the original teams perspective is:
    ok, if a friend dies, we'll resuurect them, so we can all eventually be free
    hmm, super weapons? i'd rather bring someone back to life.

    new team:
    wheee, this is for fun.
    ooh, 100 points? super weapon time!
    someone died? blah, nothig else to use it on, bring them back to life i guess
    (sorta guessing here)
    freedom? nah having too much fun here (again a guess)

    so yeh, pretty the blurring of good and evil, ie we still dont know why hte gantz team is killing the aliens.


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