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    Default vamps wanting izumi alive...

    very depressed, just caught up to the entire gantz series after a week and a half of obsessive reading...just a thought though...remember how the vampires were ordered to keep izumi alive? in the time honored tradition of vampires, maybe they want to convert izumi 'cause they know he's strong...i'm pretty sure izumi will survive the lightning oni encounter cause kurono has to be the one to defeat him, cause face it, izumi killed all those innocent people like a friggin psycho, and then he killed tae...but then again, gantz is totally unpredictable, which makes it izumi is turned into a vampire and kurono and him throwdown...that would make another, perhaps final, confrontation between the two inevitable

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    It would be interesting if the vampires did take Izumi at the end of this mission. Being weak without a working suit, he wouldn't be able to resist... and I think Kurono would allow it, even though he acts like the team leader who wants everyone to come out alive.

    And then Reika seeing Kurono doing nothing to stop the vamps from taking Izumi would make her lose faith in Kurono, although she doesn't know Izumi is the one who caused that big massacre.


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    It'd be awesome if the vampires somehow messed with the memory of GANTZ and got a hold of Kato and converted him.

    But no, b/c Akira would seem like something useless then.

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    would be cool but i think kurono would still try save izumis ass... it jus seems like a kurono thing... i mean from kuronos point of view izumi aint tryin to kill him, hes helping and hes damn good, why jus let him die...

    and i might be wrong but i was under the impression that the vamps couldnt choose who became a vamp seen as the transformation starts when they are really young, like with akira (hes huge even when kurono lived at home) so i reckon theyd be to late to turn izumi

    i reckon that its jus gonna end up some huge ass fight between gantzers and vamps and kurono will be up against akira, i dont reckon the vamps will get much more in depth than that.

    i do really like the theory tho, and it would be cool if it happened




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