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    Quote Originally Posted by lbosquet
    Quote Originally Posted by Shego
    h3r3 r ur points:

    Trailer trash fem. #1: 00 pts.

    W0n't st0p t4lking 2 Micha3l M00re.


    Trailer trash fem. #2: 00 pts.

    L3av3 those ppl at Abu al0n3!

    "I was just following orders!"

    Pink Ranger: 20 pts.

    "Cool...I guess..."

    Undertaker: 10 pts.


    Adult Baby: 05 pts.

    "Crap...they know..."

    Sgt. Slaughter: 35 pts.

    "That's right! All you Marys are below me!"

    Halford: 65 pts.

    Slaughter: "The fuck!?"
    don't bother: D4rk's best...your's unfunny
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    Quote Originally Posted by betatester
    no it's funnier
    That's right! All you Marys are below me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EndOfDestiny
    I nominate D4RK's post as post of the day.
    oh. Thanx. lol

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    they were both freakin hilarious, but I'm gonna have to go with D4RK's, mainly cuz i can actually see that happening...

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    Due to the fact that Gantz+Army=lmao. I wrote another one

    Late one night at a American Medical Clinic stationed somewhare in Arabia.

    Soldier #1: *Lying on bed* Gaaaah. WTF? What happened.

    Medic #1: Your dumb ass walked over a mine.

    Soldier #1: Shouldn't I be dead?

    Medic #1: Yup. You died. But good thing we cloned your stupid ass first.

    Soldier #1: Wait so i'm dead?

    Medic #1: No dumbass. You're here aren't you.

    Soldier #1: ugh I guess. What's going on. Why am I...

    *man walks in room*

    Black Dude: No time soldier. We got to move out.Come with me.

    *Black Dude walks with soldier #1 down Corrodore. Screams of agony in background.

    Black dude: The enemy is on the move. Where short on men. That;s why we need maggots like you.

    *Enter stange room with Black Ball.*

    Soldier #1: What is that?

    Black dude: That's on a need-2-know basis. Here's your equipment.*reaches over and grabs some things* This here is weopens. IA standerd issued .45. As well as riot shotgun.Here's your gear. A bullot proofed suit. This baby is indestructable. But if you get shot in the head you're fucked. *Hands Soldier #1 nigh-vision goggles a backpack and a small black handheld devise.

    Soldier #1: Oh. I know what this is *holding handheld* It's a PS#...

    Black Dude: Shit you trying to get us a lawsuit! If anyone asked what it is just tell em it's a god damn Neo Geo. No one gives a shit about those anyway.

    Soldier #1: So i'm spose to play games?

    Black Dude: Hell no. It tells you how much time you got left. Where the enemy has been spoted. Emergancy porno. Y'know for moral and what-not. And it even...

    *50-cent “In Da Club” begans playing*

    Black Dude: Looks like it's time for you to move out.

    Soldier #1: What are my orders.

    Black Dude: Check out the ball. All the info is there. By the way you only have one hour to beat the boss.

    Soldier #1: What Boss?

    Black dude: You'll figure it out.

    Soldier #1: Sir. What's your name?

    Black Dude: Miller. SGT Frank Bean Miller. But if you ever call me “Frank 'n Beans” I'll kill you. *Leaves room*

    *Soldier #1 Walks over to black ball.*

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    That one wasn't quite as fun but you do deserve another post of the day award simply for the Neo Geo remark.


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