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    Default Gantz Chapter 249

    Its Out :

    Lets hope Hissou comes around
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    **minor spoilers**

    sweet chapter, tnx for the ddl link. last panel looks exciting, definitely reminds me of other story arcs tho, seemingly innocent creature appears, peaceful for a second, then BOOM huge enemy.

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    Hisshou is ALWAYS around, my friend.

    Page 1:
    Title: Hypocrite Alien
    Text: I've died because God loves me.

    Page 2:
    Text: Katou is spotted by an Osakan girl.
    Hotness: You're from Tokyo, ain'tcha?

    Katou: Yeah.
    Hotness: Hmmmmmm.

    Page 3:
    Hotness: I'm Yamasaki Anzu.
    Who're you?

    Page 4:
    Katou: Oh, uh...

    Anzu: How old're ya?
    I'm 23.

    Katou: 18, I think...
    maybe 17?

    Anzu: Another high schooler?
    Man, I always end up meetin' younger dudes...

    Page 5:
    Anzu: So I been watchin' ya for a while,
    and thinkin',

    "What's he doin'?"

    Katou: Huh?

    Anzu: Then I thought,
    "Nah, there's no way."

    It kinda looked like
    you were tryin' to save that family!

    Katou: Yeah, I was...

    Anzu: Haha!
    No way!

    Katou: I mean it.
    I couldn't let them...

    Anzu: No way! Seriously?!
    Like, for real?

    Page 6:
    Anzu: You're kidding me!
    That's nuts!

    Don'tcha care about points?
    And gettin' a stronger weapon? Actually, ya seem kinda scared, maybe ya just wanna escape and be done with it?

    Katou: ...I do want to get points...

    Anzu: I figured, since you're all the way out here in our area.
    Ya must wanna get out really bad.

    Page 7:
    Katou: There's someone
    I want to revive...

    Page 8:
    Anzu: Yeah?
    That's weird, never heard anyone say that...

    I got it!
    A chick, right?
    Yer girlfirend?
    Big boobs?

    Katou: No, it's a guy...
    my best friend...

    Anzu: Ha...
    Whatta retard! You crazy?!

    Page 9:
    Anzu: You're a Hypocrite alien!

    Hey, don't get mad!

    Katou: I'm going to save whatever bystanders I can.
    Anzu: Again with that?
    All right! rock on, Hypocrite Alien!

    Page 10:
    Katou: Why're you following me?
    Anzu: 'Cuz watchin' weirdos like you is fun.

    It cracks me up,
    plus I figure you'll show your true colors soon enough.

    I have some time to kill.

    Katou: No one's here....
    maybe the police already evacuated everyone?

    Page 11:
    Guys: I heard it's this way.
    Yeah man, some crazy-ass monsters...
    Whoa, is that a dead body?

    Katou: All of you, get away from here!

    Guys: The hell's this guy's problem?
    You guys cosplayers?
    That shit's hilarious!

    Katou: Try and get past me, I dare you!
    SFX: Kyoooon x 3

    Page 12:
    Guys: Whoa, does that thing shoot stuff?
    How much did it cost ya?
    These guys're weird.
    Just ignore 'em.

    Guys: U-Uaaaah!

    SFX: Boom BOOOOM
    Guys: CH-CHAAAAA

    Page 13:
    Katou: Thanks for the help,
    I appreciate it.

    Anzu: I wasn't helpin' ya, they just pissed me off...


    There's some old people and a kid without suits..
    they should still be hidin' somewhere around here...

    Katou: Where?!
    Where are they?! way...

    Katou: Tell me where they are, please!
    Anzu: Heeheeheehee! Man, you're a riot!

    Page 14:
    Kid: Waaaaaaaah!
    Old dude: Don't cry,
    you'll attract more of the scary guys...

    This reminds me of the Manchurian Incident...we were only kids back then...
    Old lady: Yep...

    Old dude: Maybe this is hell...
    Or maybe...could this actually be heaven?

    Page 15:
    Old dude: I'm sorry...
    I could never give ya any of life's luxuries...

    Old lady: Hohoho...I knew what I was getting into...
    I'm glad we avoided all that, really...

    I don't really care anymore...

    but this poor child,
    he's still so little...

    Maybe we can still take him back to his parents...
    If they're...

    SFX: Stappastappastappa

    Page 16: [Awww.]

    Page 17:
    SFX: Click

    SFX: Stappa

    Old lady: We found one.

    Old dude: Shhh-
    Stay there.

    Page 18:
    Text: Another of Osaka's huge monsters appears!

    Bottom: Next Gantz will be in the 5/31 issue.
    I am available for professional manga and text translations and audio/video projects. PM or e-mail me for quotes.

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    thanks for the manga and translation!
    go to my space

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    Thank you both.

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    Oku drew a penis on the alien at the end.... and kinda looks like a face too...

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    Thanx for the translation, not much happened in this chp, other than finding out that the girl is just like the other osakans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddyg17 View Post
    Oku drew a penis on the alien at the end.... and kinda looks like a face too...
    There is penis on the troll that Kaze beat too. The art is great, gotten alot better since Gantz' return. Shame about these constant breaks, it is very tedious, especially with the lack of events in each chapter.

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    Thank for the Translation,its really appreciated!

    Liked the Chapter ,almost nothing happens but it shows more about Katous Character ,wonder if the Girl will end helping, fighting or falling in love with him...

    If somebody its wondering what the "Manchurian Incident" the Old guy was talking is all about, take a look at this:


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    Go Kato Go‼


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