View Poll Results: Who dies in Osaka?

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  • Nishi

    4 2.84%
  • Old Man

    16 11.35%
  • Sakata

    39 27.66%
  • Sakurai (Sakata's pupil)

    3 2.13%
  • Reika

    14 9.93%
  • Kaze

    5 3.55%
  • Inaba

    19 13.48%
  • Takeshi

    4 2.84%
  • Vampire Girl

    34 24.11%
  • Vampire Boy

    3 2.13%
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    Ferozban is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    Oct 2006

    Default Osaka Arc - Let us bet who dies

    Who (form the Main Team) do you think will die in the Osaka Arc?

    -Old Man
    -Sakurai (Sakata's pupil)
    -Vampire Girl
    -Vampire Boy
    -None of them

    We' ve already seen some fight and read about some opinions of the characters about dying and the mission.
    So there is some room to bet on a character dying.

    I think Sakata wont die in this mission, it would be to simple for Oku to let him die after he speaks of it. Kaze and Takeshi already beat there enemy and won, so i dont think they die. Nishi,Sakurai and Kato just got revived it would be lame if they die so soon and kato seems to be the new leader.

    I bet the Vampire Girl dies and the Vampire Boss is forced to manage to get alone with the others. (But i realy hope Inaba dies^^)

    PS: The Poll can only count 10 Options so i let "Kato" and "None of them" out.
    If you bet for those 2 options, please write it in here.

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    Nishi Tetsu is offline Senior Member Regular
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    Mar 2006


    I think Something will happen and Takeshi will die.
    Because everyone thinks him and Kaze are safe with that thing dead.
    So it seems like something Oku would do.

    Click it Gantz is waiting.

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    Kagetenshi is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    Dec 2005


    Kaze. He's too good-hearted to live.

    Failure: when your best just isn't good enough.

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    Hadou is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    Feb 2005


    Oddly I get the feeling that Reika will die or almost die as so far she seems to be the most depressed. And hey nothing says death like depression.

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    xxTearsOfGodxx is offline Senior Member Regular
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    May 2006


    reika dying would be anoying, then when kurono revives he'll be like OH NOES REIKA DIED then go all emo and go throught the whole damn process with the same attitude before he was freed which would be too repetitous

    i think none of them will die, the characters ahve been built up so much that theres no way that they wont be revived or survive. This is gonna be the team till the end in my theory.

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    coolerimmortal is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Jun 2005
    Kansas City


    I'm thinking Sakata.

    If not him, then Reika.

    Kaze will probably live because of Takeshi, and we've already had the "Kaze in peril!" section of this mission.

    Chigusa may well die, too.

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    BDRZS07 is offline Banned Respected Member
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    Apr 2007


    I have a feeling no one is gonna die. I'm thinkin there's gonna be a mission where they all get decimated cept 3 or 4 people. Seems kinda early for someone to die and it won't make sense if there's a bunch of newcomers and veterans in the end if some of these people die. If i had to guess i'd say inaba since no one really gives a shit about him and he has the least to fight for but i hope he gets stronger.

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    xxTearsOfGodxx is offline Senior Member Regular
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    May 2006


    Reika dying just isn't a possiblity, think about all the loyal fans outside of gantz and what will they say when reika dies?

    Pop star disappears, location unknown?

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    Joachim Dragoon is offline Senior Member Frequent Poster
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    Oct 2006


    I think that vampire girl will probably die I mean it just seems like one of those vamps need a reason to kill these aliens and stuff. Im sure one of the Gantz team will die either Reika, Sakata, or Inaba.

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    eddyg17 is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    Oct 2005


    Takeshi is not going to die in this mission, nor will Kaze. They both just got out of a "near death experience" so it makes no sense to kill them off so soon.
    Now, Sakata, after his little speech, is very likely to die.
    Reika will most likely not die on this mission because we still need to see how she reacts to Kuruno's death.
    The Vamps, will not die for sure.
    Katou, will not die anytime soon. He just got revived and I still put my money on that he will be MVP of this mission.


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