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    Quote Originally Posted by A.K View Post
    Well, this Nuriyahou (or what ever) didn't have a word Alien after it, so I think it ain't an alien, although Tae was a different kind of thing... She being an alien was just "ridicilous".
    unless Humans are actualy aliens?

    is kind of tricky...

    But this is all for the enjoyment of "someone"

    Maybe they where right at the Start, it was a TV show, but not for Humans :P

    Lets say Super Advanced alien Race A

    Picks a plannet and makes a lot of living creatures (dinosaurs), and they have fun seening how they kill each other in order to survive

    But the ratings go down since the show begans to repeat itself, so they Send a comet and kill off the poor Dinosaurs in order to get the ratings UP...

    anyway they create more Animals in order to make the show interesting, yet this time they make them smaller and smarter... Humans, they have Fun seening how Humans fight each other in gory fights (all the wars that you can think off) BUT they stop having fights with makes the Show BORING, so they Copy an Human Idea and Change the Show into some kind of Gladiators crap and they Create lots of monsters in order to kill the humans, but the average Human can't do shit againts them so they give the Humans some "Super weapons" and stuff and Tada the ratings go UP to hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kagetenshi View Post
    The Tanaka Aliens were technologically proficient (robo-suit, etc.), but they're the only ones whose abilities were obviously tech-based.

    Not just them, vampires are created by a nanite infection remember?

    That would be very advanced technology that they're using, especially considering what they're capable of using it for, such as creating complex tools from their own flesh.

    And 1000-arms definitely used some very advanced tech, the entire thing is an armored weapons platform with the alien somehow squished inside.

    And a lot of the aliens seemed to used some sort of monomolecular blade (cuts just can't be that clean otherwise), though for at least a couple of them, the origin would seem to be biological.

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    Well, I can't say for sure, but in my opinion Gantz ia one of the Alien in Earth. Maybe he don't like other aliens of has some sort of gurdge to them, so he gather as many people as he can.

    As to why he didn't automatically ressurect usefull people, maybe it is because all the miracle that we have seen (teleporting people, healing people, reviving people, super advanced technology, etc) is his power and it's tiring him, so he only uses it to complement whoever he thinks is worthy of it (100-points people, red.)

    Now about the vampire. I personally think that maybe they are once Gantz target, but the Gantzer fail the mission, just like the shorty aliens. They come in hate with the gantzers and particularly with gantz who might have been sending many people to kill them, but to no avail. So, they make their own army (reproducing or what, I don't know and don't really care :P) to fight the gantzers...

    I don't know if its correct, tho...
    any comment?


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