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Thanks for the info. it's great advice for almost everyone except me. I'm online with a 56k modem & my fiance/roomate would kill me if I tied up our phoneline all day/night (and we're on a TIGHT budget). Hell, we don't even have cable.

I'll think about the Gantz a little more. I'm gonna stop by the convention to see Kevin Smith & Joss Whedon on my way to the Chinese New Year's Parade. Maybe I'll buy it. Maybe not. But thakns for the advice nonetheless.

well....obviously DVD buying and anime downloading isn't for you =/

hmm....then find someone thats willing to burn gantz onto DVD (or CD if you don't have DVD player) and have em send it to you through mail (or if they're close by, then pick it up in person)

thats the next best idea..unless you work at some anime/manga/game selling store and can just jack a few dvd's without getting caught (i wouldn't do it....cause i just download everything!)