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    I didnt know that gantz have a definition O.o

    Quote Originally Posted by --jota-- View Post
    I don't get your point. If you are talking to me, there's nothing about Grandia in that post.
    I think he mean that in$tead of making a new tread you $hould have po$t thi$ there
    创创 抖$$$$$$抖洞创抖抖抖抖
    创 抖$$$$$$$$$$$抖洞创创创创
    创 抖$$$$$$$$$抖洞炊抖抖洞
    创创 抖$$$$$$$抖洞炊抖抖抖洞
    创创创创炊抖抖洞创创炊抖抖创DONT click this

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    I have played grandia a loooooooooonnngg time ago, a pretty good game.. he gets the girl altought shes older than him,... very good.

    Anyways, this post sucks... theres nothing related at all about Gantz to that gantz, and hell yea, i have seen gantz as a name before, but thats not even interesting to comment.

    揕a verdadera soledad del hombre, es la soledad del coraz髇, no compartir una idea y ser incomprendido,
    el no amar o no ser amado, son la soledad que parten al alma y no se muestran al exterior.
    Por eso para una vida y un mundo mejor, es el amor el que se necesita y la comprensi髇 del coraz髇.

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    Andrew_Savior shut the fuck up.

    All of your posts give me the impression you're a retard.

    The whole "oh this post i s dum and blah blah" thing is annoying. If his post(s) is dumb, why the fuck do you come and post something completely stupid? Is it made attract attention from everyone and make sure people don't forget that you're the board retard? What is it?

    This was intended as a joke. You read it as something serious. What are you, a real joke?

    You're new here? And you want to be able to spot a retard? Anybody who posts something this stupid can only be retarded:
    Quote Originally Posted by sinshenlong View Post
    welll i dont understand how u listed air gear as not being complex, if u read the manga ull realise the story is one of the best out there, much higher than naruto or bleach level. also tenjou tenge is an excellant read as well.

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    in fact there are many gantz, check out gantz fundation on my country, even the sign is a ball :P and its very gore ->www . gantz . cl

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    --jota-- has seniority rights and he can make threads about whatever he damn pleases, so put a sock in it, you whippersnappers.

    And Grandia is awesome.

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    No, he can't XD.

    -Thread Locked-


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