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    Default basis for choice

    I was just thinking about it and I started to wonder how does gantz choose whos gonna just die and who will he bring to the room. I mean he kinda chooses to see what will make the games interesting but also hes kinda sadistic at times he brought in two elderly people, a couple of animals, and a couple of babies is there some kinda pattern or specific team he always wants to establish? any ideas?

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    Gantz does what he wants

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    Quote Originally Posted by Popothepenguin
    Gantz does what he wants
    perfect answer, he send powerfull people to the room that gives a good job, and animals who grabs guys and licks girl's parts hahah
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    Quote Originally Posted by rymachelin
    licks girl's parts hahah
    Good answer

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    GANTZ is a hormonal teen that is slightlly...... "confused". That's why he get all sorts of people and animals into the room and force them to wear skimpy latex body suits and make them run around and fight aliens..... joke.

    Any way....... I think GANTZ chose those who have a strong desire to live, but this theory isn't all that plauseble if nishi's story is true...... unless he did that just to join GANTZ. There's also the case of kishimoto.

    The other theory of mine is that GANTZ are not actully transfering random people/animal in to the room, it's actully tranfering candidates from a list. The reason for most the candidates being weak or just useless is that they have not yet reached or already passed thier prime. This is because that GANTZ can only recruit a candidate once it's heart has flat lined, this is backed up by the fact that GANTZ some times make "mistakes" and recruit a candidate that "died" but revived after the recruit process has already began.

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