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    Default The new Gantz RP thread.

    Nickname: (OPTIONAL)
    Appearance: (PICTURES ARE GOOD)
    Background: (OPTIONAL)

    Some rules both RPs have in common are:

    1)When posting an action during your turn, I'll be the one who tells the result of that action. For example, if you write

    "I lifted my fist and threw a punch at the alien."

    and i would write "(YOUR NAME) threw a punch at the alien and knocked it to the ground with a bleeding nose."

    I could instead write

    "(YOUR NAME) attempted to punch the alien, but the alien grabbed hold of (YOUR NAME)'s fist before it make contact and punched (YOUR NAME) back with its free hand, sending (YOUR NAME) to the ground."

    As you can see, I'll the people who determines the probility of the success rate of your actions. Life is full of surprise and my job as the mod is to bring you these surprises.

    2)Please don't double post for action unless you're just walked around or talking.

    3)Use "OOC:" for Out Of Character chat, but please reframin from posting too many comments here. Use "IC:" for In Character chat. I'll be using this function to broadcast events in the mission and update. It's also for distinguishing my OOC comments and the IC comments.

    People have been using this wrong. You only need to use OOC once in the beginning or the end of your post if you have something you want to say to everyone or the mod in the game. You only need to use IC once to tell us that whatever you type after "IC" would be the actions and words you character does or say. If you're not sure, watch my post.

    5)Use as much description in your action and everything involved in the mission. The more descriptive you are with your actions, the more accurate I can determine the outcome of your actions.

    6)If you're posting with a nickname please make it clear before you use it.

    7)Post as if you're writing a book.

    A little history on what Gantz is.

    Gantz is the name of a machine that copies people who have died and put them into mission where they have to fight aliens to stay alive. Only selected few are chosen by Gantz to fight in those missions. The selected few, once dead, are transported to a tiny apartment somewhere in Tokyo. Usually, the room is filled with strangers who don't know each other. At other times, people who died together are transported to the room. To support the people in killing the aliens, Gantz will give them weapons to fight with. If the people survive the missions, they are released back into the world to live their lives until Gantz call upon them again for another mission.

    I guess it's actually more fun if you have never read Gantz manga and stuff because it's a lot more exciting.

    Final Note: If you're not playing or don't want to play, please don't post here and ruin other people experience. It's rude and distracting, so please don't it. Thankyou.


    I Copied this from th eother RP thread, the rules for the first few matches will be the same.

    No need to repost your character, Just let me know that you are still playing, in this thread.

    I will start the opening hopefully tonight, sorry for the lack of activity these past few days. You can use the other RP thread as a discussion thread if you wish. ^_^

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    Splish is in

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    Default flava flav

    charcter kazuya
    strengths:smart kiniving full of hatred
    weakness:he is blind in one eye because he had to much copper in his blood when he was young
    story:after a long day of school he began to walk home when some bullies grabbed him and mugged him the constant hits to the face shook his brain to the point of internal bleeding.
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    Eiji is in

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    Char Edited for diversity

    name: Jacky Chan (notice that it's Jacky, not Jackie^^)
    nick: Jacky
    gender: Male
    age: 44
    appearance: A Chinese actor. Height: 1.72m. He seems healthy and fit for his age

    weaknesses: Hard headed, thinks too much, doesnt know much english^^'
    strenghts: Funny, Friendly and master at kung-fu.
    background: while filming "Rush Minute 1", his co-star Chrizz Tacker shot him with a gun that he thought was a fake one used only for movies. Apparently, somebody switched it.
    fav quote: "Du yu understand the words dhat coming out of my mouth???"
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    Shinn is in.

    Click it Gantz is waiting.

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    I'll join too, but with a different character than in the old RP.

    Name: Joachim
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Strengths: Cares about others, leadership, very knowledgeable, remains calm in dangerous situations.
    Weaknesses: Lack of strength, faith in miracles/God
    Background: He is a catholic priest whose views about controversial issues (abortion, gay rights, etc.) contradict the church dogma. He was killed by a religious fanatic after he made an open criticism on the church's ideas in a pro-abortion rally.

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    Name: Makoto Sakurada
    Nickname: Masa
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 1:75 Cm, normal physical appearance, black short hair and uses black Glasses.
    Strengths: becomes fierce when someone is in trouble, can run faster and have's an elastic physic condition, he have killed yet.
    Weaknesses: think's too much before to do an action, can be paralyzed by fear for a bit and it life get in serious risk.
    Background: he dies trying to protect a girl in the street from a pair of rapist, he make kill one, but the second killed him with a gunshot in the chest, then the girl runs and leave him trying to escape the rapist, so he die alone there minutes later, trying to reach an hospital.

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    BLack is in

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    Daisukes in same character
    I am King


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