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    Default The new "What if's?" thread! [Read the first post first!]

    Ok, some of you are probably wondering, "why?", well the answer is simple really, im sick of stupid one line answers, and i feel that its better to start afresh.

    What if, Nishi survived the second mission?

    If Nishi survived the second mission, he would of had enough points to to exit Gantz, so he did, apon leaving Gantz, he ended up going to Kurono's school, and was the talk of the entire school and news, "the boy who had been missing for a year returns!"
    Kurono enquires about Gantz to see if Nishi remembers anything, but instead of being cold like he was n Gantz, he had a sweet voice.
    When Izumi arrived at the school as the new transfer, Nishi bumped into him, landing on the floor, apon looking up and seeing Izumi's face flashes of his previous missions entered his head. Nishi screamed, and ran off holding his head.
    And so on, you dont have to go further than that, and it also does not have to be as detailed, but i want something that is worth reading.

    I will delete your post if i feel its not up to par with my requirements. Ill be locking the other thread too.

    So, to start the what if's:

    Quote Originally Posted by undead_assault
    What if the aliens was recruited by the gantz itself and all the aliens now have the Black Suit?

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    What if the aliens was recruited by the gantz itself and all the aliens now have the Black Suit?
    ....That wouldn't make sense. Why would gantz do that? It'll only power up the aliens. And recruited? How? The purpose of Gantz(so far) has been to get rid of the aliens with the missions. Why would the aliens join it?

    Anyways...what if Sei didn't die during the buddha mission?

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    Assuming that this refers only to the aliens that die during the time emediately prior to a mission, there would be a number of rebellious aliens with exploded heads to demonstrate for the others the reality of the situation. Once all afore-mentioned aliens have had their heads exploded the survivors would grudgingly don their suits, either to find that when they transform (as many of the aliens do) the suits are not adaptable or the opposite. Even then there's bound to be aliens who just don't get it and have a burden lifted from their shoulders when one of the humans pisses them off... all in all... not an efficient use of head bombs...

    What if contravercial political figures start getting sent to the gantz room?

    Edit: Well damn... beaten to the punch.

    If Sei hadn't died in the Buddha mission there's a chance that she might have actually defeated the alien that killed her thus leaving Katou in the clear from... you know... death. Thus Kuruno would continue to be morally subordinate to Katou and involved in an unstable relationship with a woman who in her desperation glossed over various standards concerning members of the opposite sex... (not for the first time in history).

    Additionally, the probability of Kuruno meeting Tae would decrease because with Sei and Katou's help he might actually defeat all the aliens in the next mission, thus making the alien attack at the school a non event.

    My question still stands.
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    tet killed what if thread T_T .
    So or so everyone killed it. It ought to be a sarcastic/humorous 1 line question-answer thread not a scientifical debate one. But this is still good, knowing that lately such supiditism/banalism showed up. Anyway.
    There's one idea: the continuos story thread. Lets say first poster post an intro, like: "what if the next taget is giant hotdog?", second has to answer that Q in few sentences, ex: "then Gantzers would have to fight a mayonese shooting alien, orally. Nishi would appear as he had no breakfast meal for 10 hours so he's very hungry." then he asks a question answer to which would continue his beginning :" How many pts. would Nishi get after this feast?" And so on further.
    Participants can ignore original storyline, creating alternate Gantz. And posts should be usefull, informationfull or not to be. So what?

    Edit: Damn, it was a hard day... I've really should PM'ed this crap to you, tetnubis, but what's done is done. I give you my permission - you can delete this post, (can't you?).
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    That's the theory anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterful_Norg
    What if contravercial political figures start getting sent to the gantz room?
    if there been sent to the room and survives, probably the Gantz parterns will be exposed (more than now) by that guy, and them will be in danger, because all that person will speak to other people of what is gantz and who are the people in the missions, because 'the rules had changed' he can say anything he want and his/her head will be intact.
    maybe the vampires will know more and more about Gantz and the players will be in constantly danger, for the vampires, and maybe the people (there are EVER idiots that don't think same as the world).

    but if he/she dies no problem i think, nothing will change exept if the first minister goes in a battle :P

    here we go...

    what if yoshikazu suzuki truly dies in the Oni alien's mission?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rymachelin View Post
    what if yoshikazu suzuki truly dies in this mission?
    If yo$hikazu $uzuki (old man) die in the next mi$$ion there will be one less person for revive Kurono, and probably we wont be able to $ee him again becau$e I dont think that anybody i$ willing to u$e their point$ to bring him back or maybe after Reika or Kauto bring Kurono back becau$e i think he would be willing to u$e hi$ point$ to bring back hi$ be$t team mate (dinno mi$$ion ROCK).

    What if the Mi$$ion of the other gantz team i$ to keep the alien alive ?

    P.$: I change the what if because we already pa$$ the oni mi$$ion :P
    P.$.$: Yes I ju$t necro thi$ tread.
    创创 抖$$$$$$抖洞创抖抖抖抖
    创 抖$$$$$$$$$$$抖洞创创创创
    创 抖$$$$$$$$$抖洞炊抖抖洞
    创创 抖$$$$$$$抖洞炊抖抖抖洞
    创创创创炊抖抖洞创创炊抖抖创DONT click this

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    What if the Mi$$ion of the other gantz team i$ to keep the alien alive ?
    Then it won't really make much sense...... any way, if that's the case then katou will probablly try to use the capture gun agian and the vamps will most likelly try to kill off the other team since they can't do anything to katou's team....

    What if two Gantz station make a copy of the same person at the same time?

    To fight or not to fight....... someone will always die in the end.

    Sorry, excuse my lack of English: what is "Card Captor Sakura gangbang?" Well, yes I know what "Card Captor Sakura" is, but what is "gangbang?" A gun fight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedAdonis View Post
    What if two Gantz station make a copy of the same person at the same time?
    Assuming they survive their first mission (put the suits on, dont have their heads blow up), then they'd keep gantzing until one mission they run into one another. They would think that the alien had changed his apearance (like that one oni did) and kill themselves.

    What if Tae had gotten revived as a member of Gantz?

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    tae would phase into the room and kurono would be so happy.
    They would go home and kurono would lov her untill the next mission.
    In wicth an alien mistakes her for a little boy and molestes her.

    What if Nishi was gay with izumi?
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    then they would have a threesome with ad_gt2 for asking such a stupid question that isn't exciting or throught provoking.

    What if kurono and izumi cannot be revived because they died outside of gantz?


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