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    Default Predictions{cram your ideas here please}


    ah, i guess this is pretty much a topic to post all your predictions on gantz phase 2 and to view others.

    What i expect of Phaze 2.

    After a little discussion with Coolerimmortal we can definately expect a new Gantz Team, from another Gantz, i wonder what his name is.

    The secret behind the AKIRA head. IS he alive or dead.
    --------i say alive......why?........he materialized a fake head, notice it didnt seem to be bleeding or dripping any juices. nothing hanging out, intact.
    Volte noted that there is no reason for the LEADER VAMP to materialize AKIRA's head. Theres little fact that vampires were aware of AKIRA contacting KEI, only that they know each other. Thats a good fact to kill him, but theres also that fact that they didnt, and he showed AKIRA's head because he wanted to make KEI become reckless with rage. As he did.
    3. Gantzers coming out unhurt. since the whole Host Samurai Case points a probability that they might not have hurt the gantzers at all, cooler states that the song might start just before anything else happens.
    4.As stated by DarkRonin the hidden "KEI" line. As this could be a trick line Katou says to make us believe he was talking about KURONO, but theres a chance he maybe talking about KISHIMOTO.
    I however think this is highly unlikely. Yes, he loved Kishimoto, but she died, leave her be. Do you really want her going through gantz again.
    NICE: climb/fall noted something that we all missed out. KATOU usually called KEI KURONO, "KEI", and KEI KISHIMOTO, "KISHIMOTO". This almost totally pwns DarkRonin's argument, but noticed how KATOU started calling KISHIMOTO, "KEI"
    Only places she can stay too, is probably REIKA will find somewhere for her and KURONO's place.
    5.The Case of Izumi's Death, thanks Coolerimmortal for reminding me of this. I for one would like to state something. It'll be kinda shocking if GANTZ revives him, but there is the possibilty, since no one has really died outside of GANTZ's ROOM or missions, except for the BIKER DUDE. But unlike IZUMI the BIKER DUDE wasnt needed.

    What i have to say is at this point IZUMI is quite useless, i cant think of any reason for him to be revived. Since, GANTZ has the team he needs plus the 2 vampires. Isnt that enough?
    will add when people post

    but he also stated
    3. Maybe the Vampires aren`t Vampires anymore!
    -If you go to Gantz your injurys are healed (and even sickness, remember when Gantz brought someone in the room who died because of sickness in the buddha arc) and you return to the original you so maybe the Nanomachines in the Vampires blood are destroyed because of the teleportation
    (Gantz maybe think about the Nanomachines in the blood as a illness)

    But it is wrong, he won't consider it an illness, he'll consider then not a part of the body. Plus the nanos replace cells. so they will still be vampires.
    Edit: The vampire said to Akira

    gantz might do two things
    *1- Make them normal, giving them back their original cells and original muscles.
    *2- Make them the same way they are.
    As some of you might have noticed. Half this post is gone. Why? well i was editing it while i was busy doing something else. A sad mistake occured and I didnt noticed I deleted half of this. Then I clicked the dreaded save button. I was trying to put in a new "theory" i came across while reading a book called animorphs. So now ill cover that up, then try to edit back in the things i deleted.

    A, DNA, the small yet most important piece of a growing, living creature. As most of you know, DNA is like a little guidebook, making sure every single piece of us is made as it-----
    ---record scratches----
    screw that, i cant bother with the professor shit. my question is WTF does DNA have to do with Muscles, if the theory is set that Gantz rebuilds you using DNA, then , you would simply be UN-buff, if you were buff before.
    So i just haveta say, isnt that simple proof that Gantz doesnt clone you? He REBUILDS you from scratch, he does something totally different from what we could possibly imagine. He remakes every single cell inside your body, removing scar tissue, diseases, viruses, growths and so on. Gantz basically says, SCREW DNA, that a NOOB human thingy, im waaaaay above that.

    by the way, just found some rather useful info on, i was wondering if it came from the manual. Its some what detailed.
    But i guess it should helpus understand a bit more.
    Type: Personal Armor

    The material of which the suit is constructed, is
    a composite of smooth and warm to touch and thin material. The thickness
    of the shielding composite is 3 mm. The functioning of
    of the system is ensured by the circulation of a
    organic liquid f vividly blue color. Interaction with
    the muscles, nervous and vascular system is ensured
    by the connection of nano-fiber threads which penetrate
    the skin. The nano-fibers grow in large vessels,
    in some cases users note a light tingling or itch.
    The basic operating principle of the shielding system
    consists into the absorption and redistribution of
    energy between the network of energy-capsules on the surface.
    The capsules consists of of a gelatinous content of vivid
    yellow.The face and head are protected by the shield field,
    which is generated by the massive complex of
    capsules on the back of the head. On the surface of the
    of the energy-capsules, located on the wrists is derived
    reference information about the current use of the system
    of armor. In the case of complete exaustion or overload of
    the system, the armor is destroyed. In this case
    the capsules burst themselves. a certain part of the
    nano-fiber in this case remain in the suit but rapidly

    The suit has three operating modes:
    passive - The suit only offers protection from damages.
    Armor is effective against all damages. In specific:
    Cold(i guess this means extreme cold) & Firearms
    It is also capable of absorbing the power of the
    X-gun and 2 of the X-shotgun. Armor is ineffective
    against strong inorganic acids and laser weapons.

    active - The suit has begun to operate synthetic
    muscles of armor, in this case the user can develop
    the effort to considerably exceed human possibilities.
    When the suit becomes active, the initial level of the
    physical training of the user does not play a role.
    Active mode of operation rapidly expands the energy suit.

    Stealth - Despite the fact that completely invisibility
    armor is ensured, this exhaust the energy capsules alot
    more rapidly than when in active mode. with the exhaustion
    of the energy-capsules the armor automatically disconnects
    In the passive regime the service life of the capsules gradually decrease, so Gantz renews each equipment with each sending at the start/end of a mission.

    Vulnerabilities of the suit:

    • In cantrast to the composite of the armor,
    the surface of the capsules is sufficientaly brittle
    and the direct impact or entry of a bullet easily
    renders an inoperable capsule. destruction of ONE
    of the capsules little affect the general fitness for
    use of the suit.

    • The central knot of armor is compsed of 4 energy-capsules,
    the two closest to each ear and the 2 that rest on the chin,
    their destruction eliminates all other capsules and in so
    makes the suit just a rather useless piece of clothing.

    • Ineffective against powerful inorganic acids, lasers
    and plasma weapons.
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    well you have a very intresting way of percepting things but i think akira is dead.

    i predect katou will unlesh all his rage and klill the vampires.

    nishi will be like nishi.Reika will find a new man.old man will get some ass.

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    wow, thats pretty much not based off anythin -_-
    however i did say ideas....
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    Okay, here's my complete prediction for chapter 238:

    First page is from the preview, the shot of the Gantzers reacting with shock to the vampires, who have their swords to Reika and the Old Man's throats. It's just a feeling I get, but I'm certain that image will be the first page of the chapter.

    Next, we get a page or two of shocked reactions, general statements of "WTF", culminating in the blonde vampire's "Exterminating you at the hive" line. Everyone draws their weapons, and we've got a good, old fashioned standoff going on.

    Then Gantz's song plays, and Gantz pops open. His usual message plays, though he might add a line or two for Vampiric benefit.

    Around this point, Katou, wanting to diffuse the situation, becomes suspicious. He walks around Gantz to the suit rack and starts checking the boxes. He pulls one out. We can't see the name. His suspicions confirmed, Katou walks back around and holds out the box, showing the name to everyone: "Host Samurai".

    Everyone realizes instantly who it's talking about, and everyone is shocked, the blonde vampire most of all. Katou says something to the extent of, "You're one of us now, like it or not. There's no point in fighting".

    Then we get a page or three of panicked dialogue, and then everyone lowers their weapons. The vampires may or may not suit up at this point...they might refuse, not wanting to accept Gantz's tools, but they may choose to use the suits (which would be the wise choice).

    At this point, Katou declares that he is going to revive Kei.

    Next, the Sending begins. Next thing we see if the background of the final preview page, with Katou and company standing in a strange area, wondering where they are. Katou speculates about it being Osaka.

    Final page: We see the new Gantz team behind them, who ask the question, "Who the hell are you?".

    Cue: End of 238.

    Now, there are some potential changes. Here are the ones I can think of, off of the top of my head:

    1) Izumi is brought back from the dead by Gantz. This could be for one of three reasons:

    a) Gantz decides to revive him as his EPW.
    b) Gantz revives him because he was killed outside of a mission by the Vampires.
    c) Gantz revives him because he's a very powerful Gantzer who will be needed in the upcoming conflict.

    Of those possibilities, a is the most obvious one.

    2) The EPW is in the apartment, sans Izumi. This is highly unlikely, because I am pretty sure Oku killed off Izumi to avoid having to reveal what the EPW is. I've suspected Oku wouldn't let us see it ever since Gantz didn't immediately give it to Izumi when he asked. Simply put, the concept of an "ultimate weapon" tends to be nearly impossible to express in works of fiction. The "ultimate" part makes it so that pretty much anything would be underwhelming, and the sort of thing it would take to not be underwhelming would be viewed as overpowered. If we see the EPW, I'm betting it'll be the revival of Izumi rather than an actual weapon.

    3) Akira is summoned by Gantz. If he's really dead, Gantz might summon him. This would be a pretty great plot twist, and Akira would be the perfect new main character. The fact that the blonde vampire is now a Gantzer proves that vampires can join Gantz. However, I don't think Akira is dead, for reasons I've explained before. The head was obviously materialized and is probably fake.

    4) Kurono is summoned by Gantz. Katou says "I'm going to revive Kei", so we all assumed Kei meant Kurono...but there are two Keis. This was pointed out to me by one of the posters in this forum. It's possible that Kurono is summoned by Gantz, and that Katou is refering to Kishimoto. This would be a brilliant plot twist, but it might degrade the significance of Kurono's death. However, it's possible that Oku was using Kurono's death only to establish a cliffhanger and that he'll be back in 238. Having the "Kei" refer to Kishimoto would be pretty brilliant.

    Anyways, that's it.

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    OMFG NICE COOLER didnt think you'll post it all

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    I figured I might as well.

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    come on people i know you guys wanna post your thoughts.....?

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    oh shiz nice. lol

    About the Akira head thing, that would mean that Host Vampire (can we call him that?) has powers to materialize things out of no where?
    I see a better chance of seeing Katou revive Kishimoto, mainly because Kurono died just in time for Gantz to revive people. XD
    If he pulls out all the plot twists that Cooler and Flip have explained, then he's still got his touch, and Cooler and Flip are psychic. XO
    Edit: I was typing sheesh! :P

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    lol, hehe sorry, i as i read i had to look over my nick name several times, i loved it.
    lol, i hope we are psychic, IF WE PULL THIS OFF WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO FIGURE OUT OKU's mind yay, that would totally pwn

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    Omg I Just Noticed Something
    Izumi Might Come Back.
    Gantz Might Revive Him Because...............
    Hoi Hoi Likes Him And Hoi Hoi Is Soooooooooooooo Adorable.
    Who Wants Some Bamboo Oooh Hoi Hoi Does! Give Hoi Hoi Some Loving
    Omfg That Damn Security Detector Is Driving Me Nutz


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