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    maybe if you actually read the stuff in this thread, then you'd realize that it was mentioned....

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    Maybe there's another group of aliens controlling the vampire organization as well as the other alien outbreaks all around the world. I wouln't really like this to be the last mission.


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    wow great chapter but such a teaser ><
    have to wait 2 weeks now

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    Quote Originally Posted by nubjuckie
    wow great chapter but such a teaser ><
    have to wait 2 weeks now

    How was it a teaser? Kurono slaughtered a group of vampires and regained his memory, while the Gantz team realized that Gantz was summoning them.

    Reading the scripts again, I'm picking up on something very interesting...

    The final note.

    I have three translations of the chapter. Here they are:

    From Hissh:

    "Page 18:
    Text: His battle prowess returns to him.
    Next time, there will be a major revelation, and a huge battle."

    From NiseJapanese:

    "Page 18: His fighting instincts are revived!
    Next episode, after the battle, there will be an important
    announcement. "

    From Cain:

    "Page 18
    "Revived Killer's instinct..."
    "After this good battle, there will be a big news next issue.""

    The different translations lead us to two different possibilities:

    1) There will be a big story event, a revelation of sorts.
    2) We will get some actual news about the series, such as an end date, a 2nd anime season, etc.

    I asked Cain what he thought it meant, and he's thinking it's option number 1.

    This leads to the question, "What the hell is it?"

    I've prepared some possibilities:

    1) Kurono learn the full truth about Akira.
    2) The vampires tell Kurono something stunning, perhaps about Gantz.
    3) Gantz tells the Gantz team something.
    4) Kurono is killed and Gantz summons him.
    5) Kurono is summoned without being killed.
    6) Kurono is turned into a vampire.

    Now, to dissect the options:

    1) This would be big for Kurono, but it wouldn't exactly be news to us. We already know it. Thus, I think it's wrong.

    2) This is a definite possibility, with one problem: The battle ends next chapter. Cain checked it for me, it definitely says the battle ends. If the battle ends, it implies that one side is either dead or incapable of fighting. Since Kurono can't incapacitate the vampires, it means that 1 of the four endings is out. That leaves us with: Kurono wipes out the vampires, Kurono is killed by the vampires, or the vampires incapacitate Kurono. The only way for Kurono to get a revelation from the vampires after the battle is if they incapacitate him...either by restraining him or turning him into a vampire, or both. Thus, I think this solution is highly questionable.

    3) This one is perfectly plausible, and it's about damn time! Now, even if Gantz himself doesn't tell them, it could be a revelation along the lines of Gantz summoning them to a place where the Gantz teams from around the world meet. Thus, I think it is perfectly possible.

    4) This one is also perfectly plausible, as I don't believe Kurono can actually beat the vampires. He can kill most of them, but that blonde vampire will beat him. His only hope is for Gantz to summon him before a fatal blow can be landed.

    5) Possible, but less likely than 4, because Kurono was freed.

    6) Highly unlikely. The vampires want nothing more than to kill Kurono, the only thing that would stop them would be a request from Akira, but I don't think that would do any good. However, this chapter DID tell us that vampires can create more of their kind, as evidenced by the presence of the girl who Akira fought the blonde vampire over. This could be foreshadowing. Still, I don't think it's going to happen.

    All told, what I think will happen (and what I want to happen) is Kurono dies, and Gantz summons him.

    I'm also glad we know the battle is definitely ending next chapter.

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    i see that the latest chap discussion is on a single tread. nice arrangement

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    The vampires could (potentially) learn that Kurono is no longer in Gantz, and not kill him unnecessarily. They could learn that he's Akira's brother, and not kill him due to fear of losing Akira. Akira could stop the fight. Kurono could get one of the vampires to go into some sort of frustrated monologue.

    And that's just for how the fight will end. There are a lot of possibilities. I like it.

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    While not likely, another possibility could be that Akira comes to Kurono's rescue, or pleads with Blondie to merely turn Kurono into one of them.

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    I think Akira has done enough for Kurono, he won't be coming to save him.

    Perhaps gantz might finally explain wtf is its origin?

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    I think the explanation of Gantz's origin will come with the end of the series. Gantz is just too bizarre in nature for it to be revealed before the conclusion of the series. It seems like it's something that has been building up over a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tetnubis
    I see, tho i doubt that he realised that himself.

    As for the vampire 'mission' being the last, there seems to be a little more to it than just them. Remember the conversation Nishi and Izumi on the train before Izumi died, he mentioned something about showing the world how strong Japan is, he also had no recollection or the vampires (earlier) and when Nishi questioned him about them he just said then they sometimes attack now and then. This implys something other than the vampires being the 'final' mission.

    Also i dont see the vampires being much of a threat, Izumi shredded through there minions and killed of 3 of the supposed 'elites', no doubt, with Kurono with a restored memory, and the rest of the team, the blonde leader wont be a problem. The only thing to hold Kurono back is Akira, and i guess the conflict between life or family will play a big part if there is a next mission.
    Let me see why I think there are not any more aliens.

    in the oni allien mission

    1- when the oni boss was talking to the vampires he said this will be an all-out war.means everybody will paticipate in the fight.(chapter 193)

    2-after the first alien showed his true nature, the onlookers started to notice the gantzers and aliens

    3-when the oni boss showed up ,the timer had stoped.

    no 1 tells everything to us. but after seeing no 2 and 3 there is no doubt about it.the timer stoped and gantzers became visible in the same cant be coincidence. and if there were any more aliens, people would be able to see them because aliens are visible now.

    I am not sure about vampire mission being last mission.but appearingly at least the last mission in japan.there could be a mission to save the world,who knows?


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