THe first part of my post, i just reread it and saw, that it isn't put right,"So he made up that new 15 pts rule, to have some action, and cause of that he asked Izumy to bring new guys." I mean, he asked Izumi to bring fighters cause he wanted action, not because of the 15 pts rule.
And i thought tetnubis spoke about 185 chapter after the Tae mission, not when Kei gets his 135p+s, therefor Gantz does not make some special treatment to someone.
And a new thought: Gantz isn't such a badass rulebook hider,his logic are simple:"WTF i had to say that? u n3v3 4sk3d." Just remeber, Gantz does everything he is told - he shows the 100 menu earlier that someone reaches it, on Tae mission he sends Kurono 1st, when he asks, he shows the dead menu, when asked. So people, when you appear in such room BE CURIOUS!