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Thread: gantz royale

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    Thats will just create usless posts, seeing as people here have a tendency to go overboard with ideas. This thread would become a "what if" thread and we already have two of them.
    This thread is good at the moment i wouldnt stain it with boring ideas of what people want.

    You should just wait and see what weapons apper in the manga then speculate how well the Gantzers would do against previous bosses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by borabosna
    yes exactly, which makes it even more fun since we can imagine some weapons ourselves; what kind of weapons could give Gantzers a chance against the bosses etc.
    Ah, but then logic gets thrown out the window. The fun of this thread is in using fact-based arguments to determine who we think would win. When there are no facts, merely speculation, the appeal is lost.

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    A nice superior addon would be cement filled "buttons" of the siut, you know what i mean?? And a spare pair to recharge your siut, while someone else is fighting with the alien('s).(Oni wouldn't atand a chanse ^_^).
    And besides if i was in Gantz i would improve the siut somehow, that those "buttons" would be hard to destroy, like.. dunno...cover them with titanium.
    And yes, if we strat up something like "fun with super weapons"logic will be thrown out, and this thread will die, anyway i think that ideas are already out. Case closed.

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    People seem to be forgetting the premise of this thread. "Gantz Royale". That means no teamwork, no boss or minion, no friends or lovers--EVERYONE would be the enemy. I admit that some people/aliens might form temporary alliances to take out the greatest threats but a few problems would arise from this. For one thing, if an alliance of 3 Gantzers takes out someone like one of the stronger Oni bosses, what's to stop one of the gantzers (like Izumi) from then taking out the other 2? Plus, with a boss like the 1000 arms kannon thing, all 3 might be wiped out in the blink of an eye.

    What would probably happen is, the larger statue aliens would probably end up stepping on quite a few weak humans and aliens. Many of the stronger combatants would probably unintentionally work together to destroy their legs and heads which would be easy since they're such large targets. With the largest targets out of the way, the smaller ones would proceed to rip each other to shreds until probably only 1000 arms & Lightning Oni are left. Most people assume that Oni boss would just destroy the regeneration disc and that would be the end of it, but what makes you think he would even know about the regeneration thing or the laser and acid for that matter? Remember, Oni would have been too busy taking out other enemies and watching his own ass to pay attention to the statue boss. While he was watching it, someone could easily shoot him from behind so he would likely be clueless.

    If Oni just threw lightning, 1000 arms would just keep regenerating which would frustrate Oni if he wasn't paying attention to the spinning of the regeneration disc. If Oni got close, and physically struck it, he might be caught unawares just as Kurono was. Once he realizes the acid is eating his leg, it's already too late. With one leg gone his super speed is gone and his lightning is useless because 1000 arms would just keep regenerating. All that would be left is to pierce Oni's heart with the laser and move it around as was done to Sei, or a nice acid facial. Goodnight! 1000 arms Kannon wins.

    And I'll leave you with one more thing to think about. Just suppose the way Katou killed 1000 arms was the only way it COULD be killed. That is, by using it's own weapons against it. There is no guarantee it's regeneration disc could have been destroyed in any other way than by it's own acid. And perhaps it's own sword had to be used to kill it completely. It's a stretch, but you never know....
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