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    Yeah, Nishi was just guessing with that one. He had assumed that people they didn't know would have talked to them shortly before their death. It worked, and it got all those guys in the Onion alien mission to charge in and get killed.

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    Thumbs down

    the anime is suck

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    Quote Originally Posted by nothing_special
    They all had some one. On the first misson Nishi said: "You had some one recuite you!, Don't you remeber some one asking you for something?" Then the whole group gasped and went after the alien. So Kurono wasn't the only one.
    Actually he was just messing with them, remember he also talked about how those people hypnotized them. Tokyo is a crowded place, they saw someone before they died and just assumed that it ment something.

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    The ending of the anime was... weird. I personally think it wasn't very good; it didn't suck, but it was rushed and strange - and totally different from the direction the manga is leading us to now. Also, you have to compare it with the manga, because they are both about the same thing. It's like Fullmetal Alchemist, except the anime is good and some people prefer it rather than the manga.

    the anime is suck
    Lovely sentence structuring.


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    Default Huh?

    Are you saying the anime ended without even getting to the good characters? I mean the really unique characters are Izumi, Kurono, uber martial arts man (don't correct me I like to use silly names), the psychic wonders team, the model, and the old guy. And the whole vampire twist making it a three sided conflict is awesome, sheesh it probably was forced or died off like Kenshin because they filler arced the shit up, or ended it at the end of an arc.

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    If you have to end the series early, it makes most sense to depart from the original storyline where they did.

    It's the aftermath of the shorty mission that's important for the story, not the mission itself. And after that you have massmurder running around shoting people without being punished for it afterwards. The next place where it makes sense to round it off is to put in a vampire endgame just after the dinosaur hunt, but by then I'm sure you're way beyond the end production date of the anime.


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