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    Default RPG, if you were the developer?

    what would you do in your own rpg, with all the computers and processing power what would you doesn't have to be a rpg it can be fps, or and rts a 3ps, platformer what eer just gimme your gamer experience!!!1 please?

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    The only thing I can imagine rigth now is:

    - One RPG like FF but with a lot of cities and with the posibilty of traveling to another worlds.

    - We can control the main character since he's a little boy (then he grows, of course)

    - When the game is finished you can keep playing, and you can unlock another planets

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    I cant tell you my game that I'm planning to develop when I get older.But I can tell you its an mmorpg thats completely different from the other mmorpgs there are today. Plus oyu know if any of these are creative,someone just might steal that idea and develop it and make money off of our ideas.

    If i was gonna make an fps,it would be insane killing,with alot of hand to hand combat,and little heal ups

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    I'm currently studying games development and one of the assignments we were givven was to design an arcade game. Here's my design treatment:
    It's in .PDF format, sorry no pictures.

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    Try the program RPGMaker! Then you can make your own RPGs!! My perfect RPG would not have random encounters but enemies you could see before battle (Like in FF:Mystic Quest)

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    I would want to make a game where they test your skills, and is 3D mmorpg. It would be good if u could talk too to chat with friends during combat.

    Japanese site for limited RPG making, really limited and for japanese windows.

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    Well, recently I played with this Idea. Even decided to make some notes -- who knows when a headhunter from major company would run by

    I decided to start with FF-like JRPG. Let each and every PC be truly uniqe -- up to "s\he deserves a game on his own". Make a step from "press "hit" -- see animation" -- Think Zell's limit (FFVIII), developed into something like turn-based fighting game (Sorry, no place for details here). I am yet to put a magic system on par with combat, but I hope to have a next fit of creativity. Nothing is clear about plot... yet.

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    1. at crucial moments symphony music and boss battle music that would make you terrified of even the first boss.
    2. Ability to power-level at certain points
    3. Able to replay with ONE character at same level you beat the game
    4. After a certain point in the game near the end, you can no longer finish any mini-games you still have to do.
    5. The characters are realistic (real personalities)

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    Already planning at least 3, maybe 4 games. I can program them, too, but:
    1) I'm lazy
    2) Until I graduate the University owns everything I do

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    Dream RPG:
    Open World - Oblivion
    Good Story - KotOR
    Deep Characters - KotOR
    Engaging Combat - Oblivion/Fable/KotOR
    Randomly Generated Dungeons - Diablo
    Great Visuals - Oblivion
    Simple Save System - KotOR
    Replayability through sidequests - Fable/KotOR
    Main Character Development - KotOR/Fable/Oblivion
    Ability to toggle Difficulty - KotOR
    Customisable Items - KotOR II TSL
    Preferably it will, as with most good RPGs, follow a single character battling through hordes of interesting monsters in nicely designed Dungeons on the way to fight some big baddy, not to mention save some babies and deilvering some items. The concept may seem simplistic but with RPGs execution is everything. The greatest idea ever is nothing if paired with someone like Acclaim Entertainment.


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