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Thread: Softnyx Rakion

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    Smile Softnyx Rakion

    Rakion is a online stratagy action game!

    I noticed that no one even brought up the topic Rakion. Insainly Addictive, but the lag is a bit disturbing. Doesn't the word FREE come to mind?

    The lag is caused by the others players so do not cause softnyx trouble =]

    Chp 1:
    Once upon a time, there was a time when monsters ruled over the world and human beings were merely a small community. White Dragons, the king of the monsters, worried about the world becoming deserted and despaired due to the exceeding number of monsters. Therefore, they kept the balance between the monsters by waking up from their hibernation and eliminating any monster species that threatened to take over the world by overpopulating themselves.

    However, one day, humans tried to take over the world by learning and training themselves with higher level of knowledge and magic than the monsters. The White Dragons started to wake up from their hibernation slowly, and the King of the humans, Zadro, tried to make truce with the White Dragons, but realized that it was out of his abilities to do so. Therefore Zadro tried to slow, or even to stop the attacks from the Dragons by actually going to their castle. The White Dragons watched the humans in interest because unlike monsters, they tried to reach an agreement through
    compromising, and they had the bravery that risked even their own lives.

    Finally the White Dragons decided to give the humans another 500 years and went back to hibernation. The leaders of the Dragons transformed their form of life to something else and soared into the sky with traces of glitter behind them. The remaining White Dragons told Zadro: 'The leaders are always connected with this world, but will only watch and never come back on their own will. They will certainly keep their promise, but can you? Our waiting may bear a disaster, not mercy.'

    Zadro announced this to all humans but the tales of the white dragon faded from everyone's mind even before two centuries had passed.

    Tatz da basic story.

    GamePlay: Rakion is a online stratagy action game
    The game focuses on intense sword to sword battles with RPG style characters and setting.

    Just like a MMORPG, the concept of gaining exp points and leveling up. You may upgrade your characters skills as well as summon creatures.

    If you want more info go to

    If you play could u tell a little about your experience with this game?

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    it sux i got bored in 5 mins :/

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    It is because rakion is a bad game.

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    I play it and I got bored - very long ago.. Alpha version. I rather play silkroadonline than this.




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