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    Quote Originally Posted by Soten
    Is there really two fullmetals? That's great! Now if I joke with one fullmetal, the other one will think i'm talking to him, and bing bada boom! Confusion!
    Now that you know, you have to be careful with the spelling of their names. There is the original Fullmetal, and then your friend, the Full Metal. So plaese be careful about the spelling as you would not want to insult Fullmetal when you are actually just joking with Full Metal.

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    Sorry to say this but the game SUCKED ASS. Very repetitive button bashing though i only cleared the game to see the cut-in movies...

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    The second one was all right.

    FMA really needs epic RPG justice, and if Square can't deliver that, NO ONE CAN. Hope is lost.

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    Default Re: franchising.

    Quote Originally Posted by kail windreaver
    its the way the world works when something is popular they make a game about it. and it sells because of its fanbase even it sucks. now the first fma wasn't too bad but it was a rushed job and yes the new fma is coming out soon curse of the crimson elixir i think it was but it won't compare to other rpgs because to make a good rpg you have to put time and effort into it. you just can't make a good high quality rpg in a short amount of time they use to say that with platformers but look how fast the ratchet and clank platformers have been churned out and they were great.
    Whats more hilarious is that it was made by SquareEnix (Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy etc.)

    Edit: FM Alchemist 3 is already out in Japan, has somebody imported it?

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    I just hope the third installment finally does the license justice. Because FMA was just a great series. Maybe I was just so impressed with how suprisingly good it was, I downloaded it thinking it'd be some kiddy anime I could show to my little brothers or something. But man, it's one of the best in my list now.
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