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    entirely untrue... PS3 is gonna be expensive... more expensive than ps2 costs... they said it themselves...

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    It'd have to be that way. Otherwise, all the sales that they make would only dig a deeper pit for Sony to get out of at the release of PS3. Making it at say, 700, and selling it at 400 would really kill Sony, and that isn't really a deficit that they can make up with game sales unless every person who buys a Ps3 at release also buys 9 or 10 games to go with it.

    PS2 isn't really 'defective.' It all depends on how you use it. If you just keep it in your hous and don't do any shit to it, then it's bound to last you a long long long long time. Mine has lasted me since... a while. And I have my cousin's PS1 from like... 3 weeks after debut. That thing still works great. The only possible problem with the PS(any) would be if you were stupid enough to lose all th cables for them like I did with my cousin's PS1.

    Bluetooth... Bluray... whatever the hell it's called... is that the kinda CD that has like, 8 gigs of storage capabilities on it? Cus those kind are out there somewhere, and if these are the 8 gig ones, then PS3 will just up and kill 360... unless 360 is also using the 8gig disks. 8 gigs to put all the sprites and 3d models and stuff on... that's like, 800 megs or so for the models and renditions, about 200 for movement protocols and programming, then 7 gigs for the actual game, which would mean that, if 50+ hrs. of gameplay are possible now, then imagine how long that games are going to be with about 2 times the data to put shit on.

    Someone a little while ago, on like... early pg 2 or so pretty much said that because a majority of the PS3 debut games are sequels, that the PS3 isn't really nexgen. Tch. CALL OF DUTY WAS A FREAKIN SEQUEL... That's like, one of the few games on 360 that actually seems okay, that and HALO, anyway.

    PS3- Tekken, MGS, Killzone, Warhawk, (forgot others)
    360- CoD, HALO (this is all they have that I like)
    Revo- Zelda, SSB, Mario Party/tennis/golf/etc., other shit I'm forgetting.

    So it looks like 360 has the worst variety of games... But if they get Dynasty Warriors from Sony cus production costs go up too much, then that's the one of the only games that I would even think of buying on the 360 if I ever got one.

    PS3 is just gonna be in one big thing, right? No need to buy accessories other than controllers, correct?
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    Looks like you don't know what you are talking about.

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    remember that you alone are not the entire market. there are a lot of tastes and money incomes. for me, TWO titles "next-gen" catched my eye, mgs4 and re5. so...i'm not going next.gen in a while...say, another five years.

    read it. makes you think were sony is going.
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