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    Hi people
    Does anyone here know the korean langauage or play the online game called "Kart Racer" found at this website: ?
    I really want to play this game but I have no idea how to register/navigate their website. I tried to translate the site with google but that didn't work lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I've talked to my korean buddy about this and you're gonna need a Korean ID number. It's like a social security number they have in the states. You can google for one but you gotta make sure that you get a valid name with the ID. There are a lot of IDs that are not used for online gaming and it will be virtually impossible to track. With an ID it makes registration that much easier.

    I can talk you through the foreigner registration, it's just that it's more difficult and there's a waiting period for your detials to be verified

    1. go to
    2. click on the blue bar underneath the login promp
    3. Go down to the bottom and click on the orange link
    4. Check both circles on the left and click on the submit button at the bottom
    5. Here you have you must fill in all options with a star (*):
    Username (If it's not taken you will get this 사용하시려면 선택 버튼을 눌러주세요)
    Verify password
    Question for lost password (Just leave it)
    Answer to question
    Date of birth Year Month Day and leave the checkbox
    Phone number
    Address (This will be a problem as you might need a valid Korean address and the spaces cannot be filled in as you have to click on the grey area. Highlight the first character 동 and paste it in the search bar and click on the grey search icon twice. You'll get a list of addresses. In the blank space you need to input a house or unit number. I'm not sure how that system works.
    Email address
    Untick the checkbox for updates
    Other fields you don't need so just input the number in the picture into field box just above it
    Click on submit which is the leftest of tf the two buttons

    6.Click on the left icon to submit
    You'll be given a message you'll have to wait

    If you have any problems I can try to help but no burantees. What would be easier is f my buddy can make an account for you. Might take a while too and I'm gonna need a username, nick and email address. I can make up a password or you can pm us one if you want. Just give the above a try first

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    I thank your effect and time for writing up your response. Unfortunately after following your guide I am still having trouble getting through step 2 of the registration. If its possible I would like to ask your friend to make me an account. I will pm you my personal details.

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