If you are bored, and I mean really bored and are damn lazy, then this is the game for you. Basically it's:
"A fantasy role-playing game without extraneous story, character development or graphics. There is simply nothing to this game at all, besides watching the automated levelling-up progress and reading the curt, surreal descriptions of your player character's adventuring antics. Good for a laugh."
Download it here

I am BBQ Pork Bun, a lvl 2 Mu-Fu Monk of the Enchanted Mototrcycle race. I have executed an Underage Stun Worm, Teenage Pirate and an Undernourished Boy Scout whilst searching for the Mythic Brocade. Ph34r me!

Note: Best to leave it on for a few hours in the background whilst doing something else. I do nothing and I level up and gain items. I love this game!