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ahh, i should of posted this earlier, It's out, it's out the 360 is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and guess what, people are reporting that the 360 crashes!!!!!!!!!!!!
that just like M$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've heard, glad I cancel my preorder. :P

anyway, i don't think poeple understand the sheer different of power between PS3 and 360. Why? Cause not alot of people understand how PS3's new cell technology works. Althought the intinal spec from the PS3 and 360 don't look that far off. Cell technology , which is a totally different and more effient way to use it processor is far superior then anything else on the market today. I'm suprise this stuff in not use in the military first. (those crazy japanese people XD). A dumb down version of now cell technology work is that there MILLIONS of tiny processor all working together, unlike the 360, which only have a couple big one. Each of these "cell processor" each do 1 tiny task in a game. And all these million processor combine together to give the final product. This way of doing things is pretty much teh most effiecent way of doing things, because everything get done quicker, with less power too. Unlike 360 where they 2 big processer handle everything. Which is probaby why the 360 overheat and randomly shut off.

In the end (only a estimated figure) PS3 should actually be about 1000x more powerful then the 360 today. It quite possibly be more. We won't know for sure until Sony finally release the ps3.

PS3 blue ray technology is also a reason why it superior then 360's DVD format. In which each disk are able to hold 50GB+.

I can go on but i got tired of typing, check back later while I find a better explaination of Cell technology on the net.

edit: other reason why PS3 is tons better.
1080p resolution most tv don't even support it (Toshiba is planning to put out a TV set near the same time as PS3 release)
7 players can play at the same time.
a crap load of connective option: Compact Flash, SD Card, Memory Stick, Blue Tooth, USB 2.0

From IGN:
"Moreover, PS3 will also be intimately familiar with the PSP, meaning cross-platform associations will be all over the place. Expect PS3 games to take full advantage of the little PlayStation Portable by offering unlockable content and new multiplayer possibilities. What if a PSP player could control Otacon's droid in the next MGS? Whoops!"

man that would be sweet

Full Backwards Compatibility
for those of you who like the revolution for thier gimmicky controller, there the The HD IP Camera. Or Eye Toy2. anyone who use the eye toy for the ps2 know it pretty responsive and thing. It should be tons time better for the ps 3

basicly the PS3 was disign for longevity.

edit: omg, I can't believe i forgot this.