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    Default Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling together

    Most of you probably already know, but for those who don't:
    The first Tactis Ogre game, Let us Cling Together will soon appear on PSP.
    Square Enix declared, that it won't be an adaption, but a recreation of the original game, there will be new aspects, like these:
    -Every Battle was changed, players have to find new tactics
    -The unit limit was changed from 10 friendly/enemy to 12 friendly, 18 enemy units
    -New skill system
    -New characters
    -changeable camera perspective
    -new magic effects
    -new classes

    Even though the game was updated, Square declared that they wanted to keep the original 16 bit charm, thus they didn't change the graphics very much.

    If this recreation reaches its goal, to recreate the original game to an up to date version, without losing it's old charm and brilliancy, it will be indeed the highlight of the year, so lets hope that Yasumi Matsuno's still got it

    For upcomming information, this is the oficial european side
    If someone finds the US side, feel free to post it.

    That was the neutral post, now, in white, the honest one, describing my true feelings:
    You can stop your suicide thoughts! At the beginning of last month this world was still a pile of sh***, but today it is paradise.
    Square Enix has decided to recreate the first Tactics Ogre.
    True, it's still to soon to be sure that the recreation, with new ability system, doesn't ruin the game, never trust Square-enix, they can manage to kill of even the best series...

    But if the game keeps, or impoves it's old quality, it will be one of the best games of this decade (century, millennium).
    If Square-Enix doesn't mess up (which I would never ever forgive them), This will be, for those who still didn't, the ultimate reason to finally buy a PSP, as this games worth alone can't be measured with money.

    And to these who doesn't like Tactical Strategy RPGS: Manners and forum rules forbid me to tell you what I think of you, no what you, even from a neutral perspective, really are, so... I will just have to Ignore you, and continue to drool on my desk, while my body shivers in exitement
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