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Thread: D3 / sc2

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    Default D3 / sc2

    Anyone waiting for diablo 3 or starcraft 2? I'm seriously thinking of puting army on hold when these games are released lol. :P

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    Are you in the army optionally or mandatory? (orgoing for a career?)

    I was never into diablo, or sc. I got more into aoe back in the day. Had a lot of friends who did diablo, I'll give d3 a try.
    We might also play D2 on lan this friday.

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    i think sc2's gonna be awesome game and a good sequel, unless they overdo it with all this balancing stuff they change every month...

    as for diablo, i'm not excited at all.
    It's looks like a fucking generic fantasy game!

    All the elements that made the first Diablo game so special seem to be gone now.
    Where's the satanism in D3? where is the gore and scary shit? Impaled bodies? Where is the creepy music?
    They even butchered the D1 theme by turning it into a pompeous, dramatic orchestral song.

    At the beginning Diablo lore was so unique because it was based on middle age; based on medieval views on hell and incarnated evil.
    There were countless christian motifs (shirnes, cathedral, fallen bishop lazarus, etc) and desacration was a strong theme of the game. The evil atmosphere was tangible.

    And now all i see is just another generic fantasy, with uber flashy colorful spells, exotic creatures and places. I was never happy about the direction in which blizzard pushed D2, but with D3 this is getting just ridiculous.

    I really love games like baldur's gate, icewind dale, etc.
    But diablo universe should have never turned into something similiar.

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    I think it's really cool that someone with the nic 'goldencalf' is upset at the lack of satanism/desecration of the christian mythos.

    Anyways, yeah, I can't wait for these games. I have the feeling that my poor ol' laptop just won't do the trick though. I'm a little wary of getting into D3 though. D2 ownded my life for so long...

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    Surely hope to be able to play those 2 GAMES. I'm a FAN of Blizzard Games.

    But sure do Hope my Laptop can Support both that games though.




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