Before SD kills himself with depression from being ignored:
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... ugh... jonesing for some fucking SSX. Anyone remember this series?, I had SSX 3 and I had played Tricky before but omg I'm CRAVING that shit right now. So naturally I look to see if theres a new one coming out and wikipedia teases me.

...Goddamnit I hope they do it.
Thats a damn interesting looking game, totally unrealistic (obviously), but still interesting. I've only ever played cool boarders 1 and 2, but lost interest after I started snowboarding for real (doesn't matter what you can do in the game, nothing will eve come even close to being as entertaining as the real thing). I would like to see a next gen SSX purely 'cos I would like to do some tricks and just mess around, but with some decent graphics.
I won't hold my breath for it though, and I'd much rather see another JSR made.