Battle Moon Wars is a game where Haruna and Takumi (both are original characters) enter the worlds of Kara no Kyokai, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, and Fate Stay Night (or is it Fate Hollow bah!) In short the characters from all the type moon worlds collide in a conflict regarding Dead Apostles, the Holy Grail War, and Aoko Aozaki's mischiefs.

That's just a small introduction for those who aren't familiar with it. For those who're playing this I wanted to ask if you guys already had the English full version of it including Arc 4's story line. Cause what I have was only the english version of the story line until act 3 and only the game play's script was translated in my act 4 Oh and if there's already a thread regarding this, sorry but I didn't have the attention span to look for it and revive it.