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    Default Arcade Fighters Unite

    Come ye all, let us discuss tips and what not. Be it combos, strategies, or just want to know if a combo works or not.

    Arcade games are preferred, but console is ok, as long as it isnt a game like Naruto or anything that we poor people cant import.

    To start things off, heres a simple combo or two with Yoshimitsu for T5 (assuming you know the notations):

    u/f+3, f+1, b+1 1 (1) 1, b+1, ff+4 (anywhere)
    u/f+3, f+1, b+1 1 (1) 1, b+1, d/f+1, 2, d/b+2 2 2 2 (works only in dragons nest(?) stage)

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    I know a few hidden moves on Soul Calibur 2 o.o; But I made it so my buttons were setup so I could pull them off easily, I am not sure what the buttons are right now but I can describe some of them and some of the moves some characters have.

    Taki- run on walls, jump off walls.

    Talim- Run on walls and flip off of them.

    Mitsurugi, Jump really high and slash downwards(Highest jump in the game, sorta like the start of the game cinimatics.)

    Not a hidden thing but still some people don't know too well, Cervantes can do the sword attack twice, as long as you start the attack close to the wall, though I have pulled it off from a far distance twice, never figured out how to do it like that.

    There is also some sort of inferno type of attack with a character, I don't remember which one, but charde played as him (Not end game boss.) he ross up into the air and released like a massive small balls of energy attack.) I was like "wtf." "I want to be able to do that"

    There are a few other attacks that I can't remember, there are 3 female characters who can run on walls, I'm not sure who the third is. I think it was xiangua. reason I think that is because I was surprised I was something like "wtf that person isn't even ninja like at all"

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    come on people... i know you guys are out there! comeeeee already anyway. more new stuff.

    guilty gear xx slayer combo:

    HS, 214+K -> K xx Roman Cancel, 236+K

    3hit, around 35%-50% damage. been awhile since i played that game.

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    man you guys are disappointing ;[.

    guilty gear, slayer infinite:

    [hcb+hs, dash]xN amount. when they get dizzy. do instant kill.

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    The arcades now have become too hardcore for me. Plus the DDR machine is always filled with some people who look like they shouldn't be dancing.

    Like when i visited this arcade once, i saw this huge guy who was playing this DDR clone. He was crazy good but he was sweating soooooo much. He was fat-ish wearing a wifebeater which was gray. Dark gray cause of sweat and he was jumping all around.

    Plus he kept on giving anyone who could bear to watch, a "how do you like that you nubs" face. And he had these creepy contacts on. =\

    That pretty much scarred me enough to not go there anymore.

    Besidea, i think id rather play a game where people WONT try challenging you and calling you a noob. It's annoying. =\

    Arcade Tip for LightGun games:

    If you need to shoot really really fast and your target is moderately big, Hold the gun in your left had (if you are right handed) Put your right hand in a position like you are pointing at something. Put your index finger into the trigger thingy. Now move your index finger back and forth to shoot the trigger repeatedly. This makes it shoot real fast. Just reload quickly too. It takes some amount of practice but it's very very VERY useful in games like House of the Dead or that ninja game (Ninja Asault?). It doesn't sound like it works but try it out. You won't be disappointed. Unless of course you did it wrong. =P




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