Hi there guys/gals. You know what problems I have when choosing nds games? I dont know what's good or bad so I have hard time choosing what I want.

Basically the idea is to tell how was your experience playing <insert nds game title here> and tell here if the game was good or bad, if it's worth the money/download time or if it should be avoided at all costs.

Few things you should remember when telling a game :
Last words a.k.a good/shitty game

Now I know you could just go read stuff from ign/gamespot/other site but seriously.. none of them increases our post count (and I got a few dozen of games to tell about).

Hopefully this catches on, I know many of you have nds and I doubt all of you have the same games, I guess I'll start.

Deep Labyrinth

RPG, dungeon crawler

A kid called Shawn (main character) is on a car drive with his parents and dog when suddeny they suffer of a flat tire infront of abandoned mansion.
The dog gets upset by something and rans off to the mansions and the parents go after the dog while Shawn is being told to wait at the car.
After a while, Shawn gets tired of waiting, heads to the mansion and gets to sucked through some vortex. Shawn gets reunited with the dog and has to find his parents from the heart of the labyrinth.

so there's apparently a 2nd story too but I didn't play that far so I'm gona cheat and copy/paste this from wikipedia.

"There is also a second story of another man who gets sucked into a warphole while talking on his cellphone. He finds himself trapped in a labyrinth. As he journeys through, he is forced to reconcile the past, and realize what it is that traps him in the labyrinth."

Hard to say.. I didn't play this game for long.

Intro was ok, kinda found amusing that the kid said he was as excited as his dog, which was sleeping (woke up shortly after that message). The kid seemed like he was on drugs too "Wow, did I just talk to a flying pink elephant? duuude!" (ok so I added that 'duuude' part but it would fit there) "A talking squirrel!".

I found it confusing that after a few portals and talking to few.. magical animals? the kid replies he just got through a portal and ended up here with a sword and a shield. WTF, I never saw anything like that when I ended up in the "magic realm" or w/e it is. After the talk he simply just had the sword in his hand and started killing bee's and slugs, because the squirrel told him to.

After a few hour or so, I got really bored of this game. you keep going in the maze but they all look the same! the rooms look almost the same, in the map you'll find just squares next to other squares. I must admit, swinging the sword in all directions with the stylus was cool though (special 'wave' swings didnt work though :P) but obviously, to compensate that, they made the use of magic in combat unusable.

When casting, you get this grid kind of thing infront of you (transparent, so you can aim towards your enemy/door to unlock) BUT it's not enough you slash and make a 'symbol' that is exactly same than the one needed to trigger the spell. No, you first have to press on the grids separately with your stylus, leaving spots on the grids (like point A and B) and only THEN you slash to get that line between those two points to trigger the spell.
Not only that, the spots don't even stay too long! I already had trouble drawing just a single line for the first spell but there are even more complicated one! I never even bothered trying to make those spots and quickly draw lines between them (it only works if you make the spots first too) and apparently you get even more complext things later in the game..

Sluggish. You turn slowly, the sword swings slowly, no matter how fast or smoothly you use your stylus (even if you just wait the swing to finish and then use the stylus it won't work on the first drag), casting spells = impossible (unless you're really fast).

Actually not bad, here's an image since it tells more than what I can.

I see the one who took the pic also falled to using the sword instead of casting spells. :P

Last words:
Honestly, this game was a dissapointment, too booring, using the sword gets old, casting too hard, repeatitive 'floors' on the labyrint and too many of them too.
If you really want an rpg, dungeon crawler, get etrian odyssey I or II (I'll write of these the next time), atleast 10 times better than this crap.
Deep labyrinth = not worth the download time. Anyone who actually pay's for this has been tricked bad and I feel sorry for them.