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    Default How a video game universe look like

    my interpretation of a unique universe :

    In the video game world, the god of time paradox ruled those universe, making sure no matter how a hero died, crushed, ran over, stabbed, smashed, drop kicked, etc etc, they will return alive and well. At present time his subordinates lesser goddess called memory with many arms holding a memory card, blocks, hard drive, and many more saving power makes live easier in the video game world while in the past in BCD era (BCD stands for Before Compact Disc) the god cruelly give a hero chance for at least three time to continue the adventure, fail to do it and the hero will be teleported back to the beginning (the exceptional is in the war torn country of konami, where you can do special dance to appease the god, it done by doing up down up down left right left right A B, if you're doing it right the god will shower you with 99 continues).

    Devils that oppose the god were many, like the sea demon gameshark, the war horsemen fiend called ar-max, infamous lord gamehack, and many more, some citizen were lured to worship this enemy.

    After years of APS annual dating calendar (APS stands for After Play Station) the UGN (United Game Nations) were planning to change the calendar with the new BRE (Blu-Ray Era) to promote the spirit of the new colonisation in the outer space of hi-definition.

    The Colony side of PS3 filled with various soldiers and adventurers, commanded by an one eyed old man called solid, due to high tech requirement for the facility it need more fund to built, but gives many qualities for many of it's citizen.

    The 360 colony were using old revamped technology to keep the cost lower, but 30% of it's colony suffer from the rebelling robots called themselves the red ring of death, slowing it's ability to actually gaining citizen. They were led by a general called master chief

    The WII colony were unique, using two kind of class ships who flexible enough to become everything the WII needed causing it to become quite popular among space immigrants, however the tech were much lower but surprisingly efficient. President Mario who once lives in country of nintendo led his country with wise and brawl justice, his military commander is a famous alien hunter samus aran, who also called metroid prime (no one see him/her without the armor, some rumours said that metroid prime is a woman hmmmmmmmmmm )

    other civilian choose to live in satellites like renown DS and PSP satellites, living a much simpler live.

    that's for now, feel free to add more to this wacky universe I created, heck, add more story from countries like EA, Konami, Capcom, Rockstar, Rare, Bullfrog and many more!
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    But somehow funny.
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