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    Default [Let's Talk About] Day of Defeat

    Okay first some things to steam and valve and everybody who has its finger in thsi thing: Get Lost,Die or do something else steam is so unusefully and not good for me in all viewable points i don't need such a thing!

    Now to Day of Defeat it's an Half:Life 1 Mod or it where but it moved to Valve because WAS good(was<-remember it),now it is not getting better os some things getting better or fixed in usefull steps!

    But back to it: You can switch to different classes on both sides(allies,axis and it gives special axis with fg42 and british guys), i don't talk about everyweapon but i want to show/tell you some of the most known weapons!
    But therefore it's 2th World War scenario(how new ^^'), and on Allies the best weapons are: garand(one headshot kills),thompson(*hrr hrr* good weapon in every game),Springfield8as well known in german there are some explanations to the weapons history and so springfield was made to counter german sniper not to good weapon but also good like the german Karbiner 98k Sniper Rifle but they are ingame the same zoom but different looks), then the Bar which can be deployde like auto mgs which are ingame realy powerful and a sniper should kill the auto mg guy before other guys ran forwards into the bullets ^^!

    German weapons are a bit unbalance but most of the guys said the bar makes it capable that a balance is in it: grenadier(k9 kills with one shot everyone it doesn't matter how do you aim at(really unfair i think),mg40 and mg44 the second one is harder to controll the first one good and accurate at longer shooting!

    So i don't now if this is helping you to get a view to the game so i post the homepage where you can see the screenshots and other things!

    Hope to See in the Future some more guys playing it its real good and i like it and have CoD and other Games too, i mostly like the garand and thompson but I'm a weapon online freak and only use this weapons

    greetz NWM
    After many Quesiotns:\"No he is just cleaning their!\"

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    Default Re: [Let's Talk About] Day of Defeat

    Quote Originally Posted by NoWhereMan
    Hope to See in the Future some more guys playing it its real good and i like it and have CoD
    Well I used to pls DoD till CoD came and now im kickin ass on COD:UO Im known sd as Sensimilija there and every where else...

    So if u played COD:UO ull most likley know me and if u played against me u most likley got pwned x)

    Zya on harbor
    "Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real" - Tupac Shakur (1971-1996)

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    Meh, I bought the Gold edition just to get DOD Source and all that crap.
    But what I really want is a game engine that will finally push my computer to its limits. Hopefully, the HDR in Source engine will do it.




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