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    Hmm I guess i was being a bit picky on the battle system. thanks for the other games though... is there more turn-based rpgs really worth buying? for Ps2
    except for FF of course

    Thanks Again

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    Quote Originally Posted by irecinius View Post
    Its not the ground breaking RPG, but its a fresh air, and some interesting history..
    Its not a "Hard" rpg also.

    If you up for some fun RPG and something out of ordinary definately its a game to play.

    It does not have a +mode, thats the only thing I have to complain.
    And the game itself has a build in "Dating Sim" where depending how you threat, interact with your Reivatel, you get different endings (7 in total) 2 for each 1 bad.

    The MOE level of the game is 10 "noda~~~~"
    Definately a nice game to play
    werd, thanks. =D

    Darkcrow, ummm....also think about going back to the ps1 days. =D

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    Valkiryie Profile 2: Simeria
    Disgaea (all of them)
    Magna Carta (I like'em strange =p)

    PS. I forgot one awesome no-turn based!
    Radiata Stories
    Get it, you will love it..
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    You highly underate FF's as well (or have already played them). If you check out some of the older ones like ff6, or tactics you'll enjoy them.
    I also second FF12 because that is one of the best games ever made.
    Oh, and Dark Cloud 2, I second that also.

    Disgaea or Phantom brave or Makai Kingdom. (Sameness to all of them but it doesn't get old.)

    and... whatabout Dynasty warrior games? They aren't rpg but they have action in them and have a semi-rpgesque growth system.

    I really don't know of any other rpgs that weren't mentioned already that are worth it. In general, I don't think many games are worth buying but the ones I listed above and Starwars Battlefront.

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    Lol @ Dynasty Warriors. The only girl not above 30 in that game was a tomboy =).

    Anyone know of any good realtime fighting RPGs? FFxii was the fail of battle systems... no special techniques or anything.

    ... but I liked the "let's all use greatswords" aspect of it.
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    How can no one have mentioned this? Planescape: Torment.

    Also, the BG series(1 and Tales of the Sword Coast, 2 and Throne of Bhaal(Shadow's of Amn was the name of the #2, not the expansion, irecinius).

    Also, Icewind Dale and the expansion(Heart of Winter) and Icewind Dale 2 are good, as is Arcanum.

    System Shock 2 and Deus Ex can sorta be considered RPG's.

    Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 are ok.

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    Dark Cloud 2 is a must, FFXIII, FFX-2, Grandia 2 or 3 (both are amazing)... theres tons of options.

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    tales series....

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    Diablo 1 & 2, Baldurs Gate (all of em'), Never Winter Nights 1 & 2, The elder scrolls games, Gothic 3.

    Terranigma for the SNES, its real good
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