A sick ass shooter by Sierra, most games have a half circle view with a limited jump, in this game you have a full view thanks to the ability to fly. It has been said its more slow paced then Tribes 2 or 1 but thats bull. This game is very fast and you can beat your opponent even if your at a total disadvantage, that is if you have the skill. Basically in this game everything can change in one second, you can be winning with full health while you opponent is dieing and then you could be dead with just one mistake. One thing I personally love is the flight, hitting people in the air with disks (a bullet from a disk launched, classic Tribes weapon) is quite awesome.

Heres some game footage, its usually prettier but you know... youtube.

If you like what you see, read on!

There are 3 types of armor which include: light, medium, and heavy armor. Each have their own special weapon only that weight class can use, and each has pros and cons.
Example: Light armors have very minimal health, but they are sneaky as hell and are quite harder to hit with a mid-air disk (hitting someone with a disk in the air) they are also alot faster. Heavies on the other hand have a ton of health but are so slow and easy to hit that it evens out. Medium armor is well, medium... totally in between.

uh... not my style. But there are 4 veihicles: A tank, Rover, Assault ship, and a fighter. If you wanna go more in depth visit the site

Game Types
• Arena
Arena is basic team combat elimination with multiple rounds. Once you die in Arena, you have to wait until the round is over before you respawn. The team with the most wins is the overall winner.

• Ball
One of the new sports modes in Tribes®: Vengeance. Grab the ball and score it in the opponent’s goal.

• Fuel
Fill a fuel depot at your base by collecting fuel cells on the map. You can carry and deliver 15 fuel cells at a time. Whenever a player dies, their fuel depot loses one fuel cell.

• Rabbit
A long-standing Tribes® favorite, it’s essentially a game of flag keep-away.

• Capture the Flag
The most popular of all the TribalWar game types. Steal the enemy flag and bring it back to your flag to score a point. Your flag must be at its flag stand in order to score, so keep the enemy team from stealing your flag.

My personal favorite is arena, but CTF rocks just as much.

It is very very good! It goes into different time lines, present, past and such and is very compelling. It really introduces you into the game nicely and ends up getting harder and harder until the finish. It is basically sexy.

Okay I wont just say good stuff, everything has its cons. There is a very steep learning curve in this game, basically the population is small so most people who play are really good, if you come in new it could be hard to get good depending on how whiny you are. Personally I love challenges and finding alot of people better than me kicked ass, eventually I got better then them. There are also quite a bit of glitches in the game which wont be fixed Another con is that it has quite a high PC requirement (graphics and such) so not all people can play

Price to Funivitynessness
Well its like $5 so... ya its an awesome deal.

So if any of this interested you in the least bit here are some demos.

Single-Player Demo #2 - Mercury
Size: 415 MB
Experience a small sample of the storyline in Tribes: Vengeance's single-player game that IGN.com recently named "Best PC Story" of 2004! In the demo, gamers play the role of Mercury, a robot assassin hired to locate and eliminate Daniel, a captain of the local Phoenix subclan.

Single-Player Demo #1 - Arena Contest
Size: 374 MB
The demo contains one single-player mission which takes place about half-way through the game. In it gamers play Daniel, the leader of the Children of the Phoenix. Daniel has come to the Imperial capital in order to gain an audience with the Emperor. The Emperor has granted his request, but first Daniel must successfully complete a traditional combat trial.

Multi-Player Demo
Size: 483 MB
The ultimate high-flying, multiplayer battle experience has returned. The Tribes®: Vengeance Multiplayer Demo comes complete with four thrilling multiplayer maps and all the weapons, armor, vehicles and game types included in the full version.

The multiplayer demo is the sexy one. Get it all here: http://tribesvengeance.com/us/downloads.html