Big Bang Beat is a Doujin Fighter for the PC.

Just how Tsukihime spawn Melty Blood. Big Bang Beat is based off of a Hentai Novel/Game known as Big Bang Ages.

The full version of the game was just recently released. Those of you that want to try it out. It's only around 300-400mb's and can be gotten here:

If you want to preview this great game before you download it. Here are some videos.

1st Impression Preview:

Game Opening:

Super Heita Combo (no sound):

That last video is a random video I recently uploaded, it only shows off two combo's and it has no sound, I am testing out "GameCam" to hopefully record more, better combos in the future. If anyone wants information on the battle system's basics, let me know and I'll post it up.

This shit is joust.